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De Schutter | As CAP Reform Enters Familiar Cycles, a Common Food Policy Offers a Plan B for the EU

In this ARC2020 exclusive, Olivier De Schutter of IPES Food suggests “we are already at the stage of cutting our losses – even before CAP reform proposals have been released. A ‘Common Food Policy’ for the EU offers a Plan B – a way to circumvent the limitations of the CAP debate and keep sight of the bigger picture: an urgently needed transition to sustainable food and farming policies.” […]

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Ireland | More Organic Producers Would Improve Farming’s Overall Sustainability

With Ireland edging towards reopening its organic farming scheme – closed since 2015 to new entrants, and closed in 2014 for a year too too – the context of organic farming within the overall agri-food sector is worth exploring. What would it mean for Irish agriculture in general to have a bigger, more vibrant organic sector? Particular attention is paid to the public goods of biodiversity and water quality. […]