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International Conference on Agro-Ecological Farming and feeding the world sustainably

Conventional and chemical based agriculture has clearly failed to fulfill its claim of providing food and nourishment for all.

Despite more than 70 years of chemicaland petroleum-reliant farming practices, about 1 billion people are malnourished or starving in today’s world. Simultaneous the system relies on practices that actually diminish the natural resource base that is needed to sustain it and on which our food systems relies.

But can organic agro-ecological farming feed the world? This conference will challenge the myth that organic production is only for the privileged few and that it will never be able to feed the world.


Conference programme

09:00 Registration opens and coffee

09:30 Opening the conference Agro-Ecological Network, Denmark Jesper Saxgren, Organic Denmark & AØN

09:45 Make Agriculture Truly Sustainable Now for Food Security in a Changing Climate – Dr. Ulrich Hoffmann, editor-in-chief of UNCTAD’s annual Trade and Environment Review.

10:30 Questions and dialogue

10:45 Linking Agriculture, Conservation and Food Sovereignty Ph.D. Ivette Perfecto, School of Natural Resources and Environment. Uni versity of Michigan; co-author of the book Nature’s Matrix.

11:30 Questions and dialogue 11:45 Coffee and tea

12:00 Towards Ecological Intensification of World Agriculture Prof. Pablo Tittonell, University of Wageningen.

12:45 Questions and dialogue

13:00 Lunch

13:30 The case of agro-ecological farming for food security in East Africa’ Musa.K.Muwanga, Chief Executive Officer, National Organic Agricultural Movement of Uganda (NOGAMU)

14.15 Questions and dialogue 14:30 Panel debate including a panel with spoke persons on Development Cooperation from the political parties of the Parliament.

15:15 Closing remarks from organizers


Register by 22. August by email to Jesper Saxgreen: saxgreen@gmail.com

Read the whole programme and background for the conference.


Agro-Ecological Network at University of Copenhagen
Bülowsvej 17

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