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towards a citizens' agricultural policy
Image: “We Are Fed Up” demonstration in Berlin, January 2015. These yearly demonstrations started in 2011 in the midst of the recent CAP reform. This 5th edition gathered 30 000 people. © Arc2020 (www.arc2020.eu)

Our food system is failing to support a healthy, well-nourished population, while driving dangerous climate change and destroying natural capital.

Event at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Common Agricultural Policy is a colossal public policy intervention, using 39% of the EU budget and shaping the farming policies of Member States. It could drive improvements in public health, rural economies, and sustainable food and farming; but it doesn’t. And it won’t until our food system is governed democratically for the common good. Nourish Scotland, in cooperation with ARC2020, is organizing this event to gather citizens, farmers, civil society, and representatives from regions and cities to rethink the governance of food and farming policies in Europe and Scotland. To borrow a phrase from the current debate on land reform in Scotland, what would ‘people–centred food governance’ look like?
Download the conference leaflet.

Confirmed speakers

Alyn Smith is a Scottish Member of
the European Parliament & Member of
the Committee on Agriculture and Rural

David Barnes is Chief Agricultural Officer
for Scotland.

Nora McKeon is a writer, lecturer and
activist; she is a member of the Building
Global Democracy Programme and former
Civil Society Director at the UN Food &
Agriculture Organization.

Patrick Mulvany is the Director of Kamayoq, a
consultancy organization; a member of the Food
Ethics Council; the Chair of the UK Food Group.

Pr. Bryan Wynne researches the public
understanding of science, in particultar the
relations between expert and lay knowledge
and policy decision-making; he is also a member
of the London Royal Society’s Committee on
Science in Society.

Key themes

Thursday 22 October
Morning: IDEAS
Identifying the issues the
CAP must address and
potential solutions

Afternoon: ACTORS
Who should participate in
shaping food policy?

Friday 23 october
How can structures,
processes and capacities for
advocacy be strengthened?

Venue: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 20A Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5LR
Contact: info[@]nourishscotland.org.uk or 0131 226 1497
RSVP: via Eventbrite here
Download the conference leaflet.

Regarding ACCESS TO THE VENUE, the conference will take place in the Lecture Theatre and the Conference Room of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. The entrance to that building is on Inverleith Row, it is number 20A. It is a modern building slightly further back than the other houses on that street. Do NOT enter by the East Gate, number 20A is a bit further (heading North) on Inverleith Row.

You are welcome on Thursday and Friday from 9am for registration and a cup of tea or coffee. The seminars will start at 9.30am, but please try to arrive before 9.25 to allow some time to pick up your badge.

There are still free places at the RECEPTION organised at the end of the day on Thursday, more information and registration here.

Last but not least, if you tweet about this event and the discussions that will be held there – before, during, or after the conference make sure to use the hashtag #CITIZENSCAP .



Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
20A Inverleith Row