Toolkit : CAP and Rural Development Policy reform implementation

We’ve developed a “Toolkit for implementing key measures towards a greener, fairer, local and smarter CAP at national/regional levels”.  This toolkit explains what remains to be done with the CAP reform, provides an overview of key measures for a better CAP implementation in each Pillar 1 and Pillar 2, and provides plenty of ideas for organising advocacy and campaigns for the CAP which you want at your national or regional level.  Find the toolkit here:

2000m² : a conversation about your share of global food and land

2000m² is an outreach tool called based on the idea that if we were to divide the global surface of arable land (1,4 billion hectares) by the number of people on the planet (7 billion), we would each get about 2000m². The aim is to encourage people to think about questions like: What can be grown on a field of that size?  What is being grown right now? Through the decisions I make about the food I eat, how much ‘land’ am I importing from Asia, Latin America and Africa? Am I using up more than my share?

With an interactive website, including a forum and blog, as well as booklets and flyers, ARC2020 encourages an awareness of the global impact of the food-related decisions we make every day. See


ARC Newsticker : The Latest News in European Agriculture on Your Website

To keep your website up-to-date with the latest news in agriculture, we’ve developed this Newsticker in two different sizes (the larger size is shown below). Installing it on your page is just a matter of copy/pasting the javascript text into the source code of your page.  You can see which one you like and copy the javascript from this page.

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