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January 2012 NEWSFLASH

Dear friends of the ARC!Happy new year to you all and welcome to the¬†January issue of the ARC NEWSFLASH!¬†ARC has started the new year with a bang. Our highlight was hosting a¬†debate with Dacian CioloŇü¬†and a number of civil society organisations on January 20th in Berlin. The lively question and answer session which ensued gave different groups a chance to raise their concerns directly with the EU Agriculture Commissioner.Encouraged by the constructive debate, the Commissioner announced that he will organise a conference with civil society¬†in July this year in Brussels to continue the dialogue.¬†The following day (still in Berlin), members and organisations from the ARC network attended the ‘Wir haben es Satt‘¬†demonstration¬†which saw a crowd of 23,000 consumers, farmers, beekeepers,¬†environmental and animal rights activists,and developmental groups gather in front of Germany’s government offices to demand an end to industrial farming practices.January was also the¬†50th anniversary of the CAP. On 23rd January, ARC issued a¬†press release¬†with our signatories,¬†Friends of the Earth Europe¬†and¬†IFOAM EU Group. After 50 years of support for a failing system, we called upon […]