Latest Past Events

“How to ensure a Just Transition towards net zero? State of play from Scotland, New Zealand, France and the UK”

This web-conference, organised by the Scottish Government's Paris Hub in partnership with IDDRI and with the support of Sciences Po's  "Make it work" initiative, will present Scotland's approach to climate change and the just transition. The experiences of France, New Zealand and the UK in these areas will also be explored. For further details and information on how to register, see here.  

EURACTIV Twitter Chat

On 9 July at 12:30 EURACTIV are holding a Twitter Chat on the topic: "EU agriculture and trade - Free trade agreements: help or hindrance for the EU agrifood sector?" @eaAgriFood will be tweeting out the following questions for twitter users to get involved: Q1: How can trade help support some of the agrifood sectors most affected by COVID-19? Q2: How can the EU balance the promotion of short supply chains in the F2F with the thrust towards increased agrifood export? Q3: Mercosur: the next big thing or too many expectations? Q4: What are the implications for the EU-UK trade relationship if the UK chooses to move away from EU standards?   See here for an example of a previous EURACTIV Twitter Chat.

“Learning Landscape Online Symposium”

Over the course of four days, Burrenbeo Trust are bringing together leading national and international specialists around the theme of the importance of valuing your local place in a post-Covid world. Speakers include: journalist and author of 'Last Child in the Woods', Richard Louv who will discuss the New Nature Movement; the deputy chair of the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) of the IUCN, Katalin Czippán who will give a talk on Why and How to Connect with Nature; and author and environmentalist, David Sobel who will be sharing his insights on place-based eduction in public schools. See here for further information.