Community Supported Agriculture in the Czech Republic

  Local products and Community Supported Agriculture in Czech Republic. What products are distributed through these routes? how many farmers and consumers participate? And how does CAP support of hinder those developments? Hnutí DUHA – Friends of the Earth Czech Republic – tell us more. Agriculture is a key sector with long tradition in Czech Republic. More then half of the land area is agriculture land. However nowadays farming in Czech Republic is based on industrial farms with average acreage of 800 hectares. It is only 7 % of big agricultural enterprises who manage 65 % of arable land, most of which they only rent. The majority of food is distributed through retail chains widely owned by foreign capital offering a large proportion of food from abroad. Number of family farmers is on the other hand the lowest in the EU. However there is an increasing demand for local high-quality food in Czech Republic every year. The number of farmers selling directly to consumers through short supply chains is growing. Our on-line database of farmers … Continue reading Community Supported Agriculture in the Czech Republic