The Advancing Digital Agriculture and Conservation

"The Advancing Digital Agriculture and Conservation" virtual, multi-day workshop is organised by the Farm Foundation, the Cornell University Initiative for Digital Agriculture, the Center for the Economics of Sustainability at the University of Illinois and the University of Illinois Center for Digital Agriculture. The workshop seeks to advance policy discussions with the view to realising the promise of data applied to conservation in agriculture.

Hackathon to devise ways of promoting rural development under COVID19 conditions

"The European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the Georgian Innovations and Technologies Agency (GITA), the Agriculture and Rural Development Agency (ARDA) and the non-governmental organization ForSet, are launching hackathon to devise ways of promoting rural development under COVID19 conditions. The first invites innovative thinkers to focus on eight rural municipalities. What we want to achieve"

Your Land, My Land, Our Land: Grassroots Strategies to Preserve Farmland and Access to Land for Peasant Farming and Agroecology

On May 28th the Nyéléni Europe and Central Asia platform for Food Sovereignty published a handbook to provide the food sovereignty movement with ideas that support local struggles for land. This webinar will see the launch of this practical tool to support and strengthen land struggles for small and medium-scale food producers and local communities. The handbook will be presented by speakers from ECVC, Eco Ruralis, Terre de Liens and Terre-en-vue who will link it to their work in and beyond Europe. To read the document in advance of the webinar see here. You can register for the webinar here.

Can Small Farms and Food Businesses improve peoples access to more and better food in our globalised world?

SALSA - Small Farms, Small Food Businesses and Sustainable Food Security - is a Horizon2020 funded research project which aims to provide a deeper understanding of the role of small farms and small food businesses in meeting the sustainable food and nutrition (FNS) challenge.  On June 25th the project’s final conference will take place in two main parts. Beginning at 10:00 (CET) Part A will summarise the main results of the SALSA project.  From 11:30 (CET), Part B will focus on enabling governance and policy recommendations for small farms and small food businesses.

Food Talks: How food can save the world

The #FoodTalks series presents a discussion with Carolyn Steel, an expert on food, cities and transformative change, and the author of ‘Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World’ and 'Hungry Cities'. Additionaly, the webinar will feature stories from people on the ground who are taking positive climate action. There will also be an opportunity for viewers to get involved and discuss 'how we can all be emergency respondents now' You can register for the webinar here

“Learning Landscape Online Symposium”

Over the course of four days, Burrenbeo Trust are bringing together leading national and international specialists around the theme of the importance of valuing your local place in a post-Covid world. Speakers include: journalist and author of 'Last Child in the Woods', Richard Louv who will discuss the New Nature Movement; the deputy chair of the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) of the IUCN, Katalin Czippán who will give a talk on Why and How to Connect with Nature; and author and environmentalist, David Sobel who will be sharing his insights on place-based eduction in public schools. See here for further information.

EURACTIV Twitter Chat

On 9 July at 12:30 EURACTIV are holding a Twitter Chat on the topic: "EU agriculture and trade - Free trade agreements: help or hindrance for the EU agrifood sector?" @eaAgriFood will be tweeting out the following questions for twitter users to get involved: Q1: How can trade help support some of the agrifood sectors most affected by COVID-19? Q2: How can the EU balance the promotion of short supply chains in the F2F with the thrust towards increased agrifood export? Q3: Mercosur: the next big thing or too many expectations? Q4: What are the implications for the EU-UK trade relationship if the UK chooses to move away from EU standards?   See here for an example of a previous EURACTIV Twitter Chat.

“How to ensure a Just Transition towards net zero? State of play from Scotland, New Zealand, France and the UK”

This web-conference, organised by the Scottish Government's Paris Hub in partnership with IDDRI and with the support of Sciences Po's  "Make it work" initiative, will present Scotland's approach to climate change and the just transition. The experiences of France, New Zealand and the UK in these areas will also be explored. For further details and information on how to register, see here.