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–Audio recordings of the 2nd ARC Conference

Click on the links to listen to each audio segment. 14:00 Welcome messages Speakers: Yves SOMVILLE, EESC member (BE), NAT Section Yves Somville – EESC Welcome: Arie VAN DEN BRAND, President Groupe de Bruges Arie van den Brand – ARC Welcome: Civil Society’s Reform Priorities 14:05 Plenary Debate on the emerging ideas for the future CAP and the unresolved issues that need to be addressed Introduction: Michael DOWER, Member of the ARC Core Group Michael Dower – Debate on unresolved issues: Moderator:  Arie VAN DEN BRAND, President Groupe de Bruges 14:40 Summary of the debate and introduction of the experts Consulting the experts Introduction by the moderator: Robert LUKESCH, Associate partner of ÖAR Regional Consulting Ltd. Robert Lukesch – Intro to expert round: 14:45 Coalition Building on Reforming Agriculture and Trade Policies in a Globalized World Speaker: Jim HARKNESS, Director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Jim Harkness – Speech 15:05 The CAP and Public Health Policy R. Lukesch – Introduction of Tim Lang Speaker: Tim LANG, Professor of Food Policy at City […]

Newsticker Log

  TTIP talks: despite the PR, still under a cloak of secrecy CEO 05.05.2015 It’s not just glyphosate and neonicotinoids! Why we need a pesticide-free future Ecologist 30.04.2015 Organic milk and prenatal iodine Guardian 30.04.2015 US to open TTIP reading rooms across EU Euractiv 29.04.2015 What will EU parliamentarians vote on TTIP? Euractiv 17.04.2015 Government’s approach further undermines the proposed Expert Advisory Council An Taisce 01.04.2015 Farming will not be held back by green targets says Coveney Independent 01.04.2015 Pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables associated with low sperm count Washington Post 30.03.2015 Agroecology reclaims territories for local peoples and food sovereignty More and Better 18.03.2015 Commitments to rural development spending 76% below forecast in 2014 23.01.2015 ‘We are fed up!’: Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin RT 17.01.2015 Großdemonstration für eine tiergerechte und klimaschonende Landwirtschaft in Berlin ARD 17.01.2015 Agrarwende: 50000 Demonstranten gegen Massentierhaltung und Gentechnik Spiegel Online 17.01.2015 Tausende demonstrieren für artgerechte Tierhaltung und fairen Handel Zeit Online 17.01.2015 Drawing upon citizens’ voices: Deep democracy in action IATP 14.01.2015 Europeans’ shopping habits reveal […]

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Proposals for reform

Spanish Network Rural Development EN French National Federation of Organic Agriculture FR For a New European Agriculture and Food policy (CAP researchers) EN – summary European Coordination Via Campesina IT – EN – ES – FR Forum Synergies EN European Food Declaration 16 languages AGROSTAR EN IFOAM EU Group EN Committee of the Regions EN – FR Agricultural Economics Society conference EN Europa Nostra, ECOVAST, RED, EAA, EAC EN ECOVAST EN Notre Europe EN – FR UK Food Group Briefing – Securing Future Food EN EU Food & Agriculture Policy for the 21st Century: alternatives to the CAP (Vredeseilanden) EN – FR – ES A new European Agricultural Policy (Vredeseilanden) NL – EN The CAP after 2013: Brno declaration of NGOs from Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia EN/CZ Coalition of Environment, Nature Conservation, Agriculture, Development, Consumer Protection and Animal Welfare Organisations DE – EN – FR Committee of the Regions-Commission of Natural Resources FR French Academy of Agriculture FR Agronomics Council of the French Ministry of Agriculture FR Confédération […]

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Recent updates

Call for Action

Call for Action: A communication of European Citizens to the European Institutions on the Future of Agriculture and Rural Regions Food for all is essential – the status quo is not an option Many people in Europe seem to take sufficient and good food and a living countryside for granted. Some see agriculture as mere background for more important things in life. Others believe that farmers are the main problem in nature protection. But enough wholesome food for all and a good stewardship of nature is currently not at all guaranteed. Over a billion people go hungry. Soils are losing fertility, water resources are being depleted, and biodiversity is being lost around the globe. Climate change will further undermine efforts to feed a growing world population. It is not enough to blame others. Europe shares an essential part of responsibility for making deep change possible. European rural regions and their communities have a great potential to make it happen. We need to support farmers in making sustainable food production the rule, not the exception. We […]

–ARC Press Releases

Throughout the CAP reform process, the ARC will issue responses to policy developments in the EU. These will be all posted on the ARC blog. A full list of all the press releases that have be produced to date, along with translations, can be found by following the link below. […]


Groupe de Bruges Forum Synergies ALKA Center for Sustainable Development AGRIREGIONIEUROPA Terra Nostra Accademic Foundation for Rural Progress, Iasi World Vision Romania BIOAVIROM – Asociatia Bioavicultorilor din Romania Umweltbund – Alliance of Beekeepers, Farmers and Consumers Dolina Strugu – Struga valley Fundatia ADEPT EUROMONTANA Heimatbund Thüringen Europe Direct CEIPREX – Extremadura CEEweb for Biodiversity Franco-Romanian Tourism Association “Tirgu Neamt-St.Just St.Rambert” Carpathian Foundation-Poland AGROM-RO Association Sangeorgiu de Mures, Romania EUROPE DIRECT – Carrefour europeo Emilia Die Gruene Liga – network of ecological organisations LAG Kromme Rijn Avalon Foundation AGROLINK Association European LEADER Association for Rural Development – ELARD Compassion in World Farming LAG Kromme Rijn Fundacja Partnerstwo Dorzecze S?upi REDR – Red Española de Desarrollo Rural Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network Foundation on Future Farming Association des Chambres d’Agriculture de Pyrénées REDR-Spanish Network for Rural Development Portuguese-GM Free Coalition Fédération Nationale d’Agriculture Biologique des Régions de France Risteco Italy – sustainable restaurant platform Associazione “Alessandro Bartola” Tobacco Farmers Group ‘Centre’, Romania Eco Ruralis Association SoyAlliance LAPAR – League of Romanian Agricultural Producer Associations VODO Flemish […]