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Letter from a Farm | Saving Carrottop – the Life of a Cow in Mayo

We’re back on Sineád Moran’s farm in Mayo, Ireland to meet her stock. Sineád introduces her cows and some of the struggles they have been facing over the last two years. It brings up questions about farmer’s knowledge and learning to trust your instinct. But really caring for your cows takes time and energy, something not all farmers can afford.  […]

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MEPs Mean Business on Live Exports

The European Parliament last week called on member states to step up enforcement of existing rules on protecting livestock during transport. MEPs are urging member states to ramp up spot checks, use tracking technology to monitor compliance, and apply tougher penalties for offenders. Transport times should be cut, but the preference is to phase out live exports altogether in favour of local slaughtering. And when animals are transported to non-EU countries, EU standards should be applied. […]