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Featured Campaign Action: Save Kishantos!

The Kishantos Rural Development Centre in Hungary is a unique organic farm and education centre: here sustainable agriculture, ecological farming and education have been serving society as a whole. The Hungarian Land Fund (representing the State as the owner) issued an open call tender for the rent of the lands in ten lots. If this decision is not annulled it means that the Kishantos non-profit Organisation will lose all the land as of 1 November 2013. […]

Join the Food Revolution!
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The Greens/EFA group joins the Food Revolution!

To mark World Food Day, the Greens/EFA group today launches a new campaign platform called ‘Join the Food Revolution’. The web-based platform provides a space where people can present projects and ideas, whether big or small and create a community. EU citizens can get together to act to suggest alternative and innovative practices to the food production model currently promoted throughout the EU. So if you are passionate about good food and good farming  whether as a farmer, fisherman, food professional, organisation or citizen, you can join the ‘Join the Food Revolution’ community and be part of a political project aimed at improving EU food policy.

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On Saturday, September 28, 1000 ‘angry cows’ – citizens, elected officials, farmers, unions – stormed the site of a factory farm development in France to demand an end to the project.  The action was part of an ongoing campaign organised by Confédération Paysanne.  The site in question aims to hold 1000 cows, much larger than France’s average farm size of 44 cows.  Its main goal would not be to produce food, but to use the methane from the cow dung to produce energy.  This project would be a dangerous symbol of the  industrialization of agriculture, with serious consequences on employment and the environment.  Read more here (in French).