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A red meat-derived glycan promotes inflammation and cancer progression PNAS 25.11.2014

Opening the windows: Commission commits to enhanced transparency European Commission 25.11.2014

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Civil Society and Social Movements present their final declaration at the ICN2 FIAN 21.11.2014

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EU to adopt emergency measures against Dutch bird flu outbreak Euractiv 17.11.2014

French government will not sign TTIP agreement in 2015 Euractiv 17.11.2014

Entwicklungshilfe-Ministerium zwingt 66 000 Gegner in die Freundschaft Süddeutsche 14.11.2014

Uptick in fish farming to provide global nutrition boost UN agency report 14.11.2014

Germany to press EU for national right to ban GMOs before 2015 harvest Reuters 14.11.2014

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Corporations represent at UN climate summit IATP 24.09.2014

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“Revolving doors”: Ombudsman will step up supervision of senior EU officials European Ombudsman 23.09.2014

AGRI NEWS DG AGRI 23.09.2014

European Ombudsman to launch public consultation on transparency of TTIP negotiations European Ombudsman 22.09.2014

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Hogan lands €60bn EU agriculture job Irish Independent 10.09.2014

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Commonage farmers to meet Commission Agriland 08.09.2014

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“Sustainable intensification” is unsustainable IATP 03.09.2014

The revolving door keeps on spinning: it’s time for ex-MEPs to cool off! Euractiv 02.09.2014

Romania makes second nomination for commissioner Euractiv 01.09.2014

EU legislative work on hormone-affecting chemicals could be undermined by TTIP Euractiv 01.09.2014

TTIP will sacrifice food safety for faster trade, warn NGOs Euractiv 28.08.2014

EU gives up on TTIP for US reinsurance reform Euractiv 26.08.2014

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Oliver Moore 15.08.2014

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U.S. chicken farmers latest caught in Russia sanction crosshairs Reuters 04.08.2014

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‘Fat taxes’ do work, EU report finds Euractiv 28.07.2014

45% decline in vital invertebrates in last four decades Globalagriculture 28.07.2014

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Positive Outlook For Agricultural Prices But Not For World’s Poorest IPS news 28.07.2014

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‘Ethical land grabbing’ could feed 550 million people SciDevNet 26.07.2014

Germany to reject EU-Canada trade deal The Globe and Mail 26.07.2014

Scottish farmers must adopt three-crop rule for 2015 The Press and Journal 26.07.2014

Rapid growth seen in EU organic sector Agriland 26.07.2014

The draft 2015 CAP budget capreform.eu 25.07.2014

Britain’s increasing taste for white meat is a disaster for animals and for us The Guardian 25.07.2014

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Feed sector lobbyists disappointed over ‘lack of progress’ on GM approval process Feednavigator 24.07.2014

Analysis of the leaked draft TTIP chapter on food safety IATP 24.07.2014

Revealed: the dirty secret of the UK’s poultry industry The Guardian 23.07.2014

US beef production damages the environment according to new study Agriland 22.07.2014

Wild flower strips are key to saving bee species Independent 22.07.2014

Bethlehem: ‘No matter how many olive trees they destroy, we will plant more!  The Ecologist 18.07.2014

Over 60% of breads sold in the UK contain pesticide residues, tests show The Guardian17.07.2014

Problems of the Irish village require immediate action Irish Times 15.07.2014

Greg Barker quits as Energy Minister as Paterson sacked as Environment Secretary Clickgreen.org 14.06.2014

Clear differences between organic and non-organic food, study finds The Guardian 11.07.2014

Ming takes a seat on Agricultural Committee and a swipe at McGuinness Agriland 11.07.2014

Scandal of Glyphosate Re-assessment in Europe I-sis.org 09.07.2014

Salvadoran Peasant Farmers Clash With U.S. Over Seeds Ipsnews 09.07.2014

U.S. government ties El Salvador USD 277M aid package to Monsanto’s GMO seeds Sustainablepulse 08.07.2014

TTIP: A lose-lose deal for food and farming Corporateeurope 08.07.2014

Cut use of antibiotics in livestock, veterinary experts tell government The Guardian 07.07.2014

Not Just Bees: Controversial Pesticides Linked to Bird Declines Wired 07.07.2014

Corporations race into Ginsburg’s ‘minefield’ to claim post-Hobby Lobby religious exemptions Rawstory 03.07.2014

Neonicotinoids are poisoning entire farmland ecosystems The Ecologist 02.06.2014

Mediapart exposes unhealthy liaisons between French MEP and the tobacco industry Corporateeurope 30.06.2014

NFU hits out at Government over neonicotinoid inaction Farmers Guardinan Farmersguardian 26.06.2014

Syngenta seeks ‘emergency’ exemption to use banned insecticide on UK crops The Guardian 25.06.2014

The Next Generation of GM Crops Has Arrived—And So Has the Controversy wired.com 24.06.2014

Insecticides put world food supplies at risk, say scientists The Guardian 24.06.2014

Autism Linked to Pesticides Liberty Voice 23.06.2014

EU becomes world largest agri-food exporter DG AGRI news 23.06.2014

Vilsack Pokes At Major EU TTIP Red Lines On GMOs, Hormone Beef  WTO NewsStand (subscription) 23.06.2014

CAP reform: further delegated and implementing acts DG AGRI news 20.06.2014

Geographical indications (GIs) in the US-EU TTIP negotiations CAPreform.eu 19.06.2014

France wins greater control over GMOs, but comes under fire from Greens Euractiv 13.06.2014

Council backs new GMO cultivation rules giving more say to member states Agra Europe 12.06.2014

How to respond to Euroscepticism? Start by ending the CAP GAB 11.06.2014

Bees can be more important than fertilizer Science Daily 10.06.2014

Paterson announces CAP greening details for England Farmers Guardian 10.06.2014

Options for agriculture in the 2015 international climate change agreement EOD 09.06.2014

Paterson and GM industry work together to open England up to RoundUp Ready GM crops Gene Watch 09.06.2014

Why a supermarket price war is bad news for Britain’s ability to feed itself  Observer 08.06.2014

EU agricultural reform fails on biodiversity Science Mag (subscription) 06.06.2014

Scientists confirm worst fears: new EU Policy on Agriculture is bad for nature  Birdlife International 06.06.2014

Farm wildlife protection plan ‘fails’ BBC 05.06.2014

Reflexive Resilience and Community Supported Agriculture: The Case that Emerged from a Place 05.06.2014

From production to waste: the food system EEA 03.06.2014

Europe approves use of new high-intensity sweetener Food Navigator 03.06.2014

 MSG intake linked to obesity and metabolic syndrome Food Navigator 03.06.2014

Hungry for land: small farmers feed the world with less than a quarter of all farmland GRAIN 29.05.2014

Impact of pesticide residue hard to track, experts say Harvard Gazette 27.05.2014

European Food is not as safe as European Food Safety Authority pretends PAN Europe 27.05.2014

EU Safety Institutions Caught Plotting an Industry “escape route” Around Looming Pesticide Ban ISN 26.05.2014

TTIP: good or bad? (Debate) Euranet Plut Inside 20.05.2014

Health DG SANCO prepares an escape route for pesticides PAN Europe 20.05.2014

TTIP: ‘Up to 100’ Arrested in Belgian Anti-Treaty Protests IBT 15.05.2014

Governments should use public purse to ‘buy justice’ in food systems SRFood 15.05.2014

Belgian plan targets 50% cut in livestock antibiotics Agra-net 13.05.2014

UN official: EU needs to encourage social movements Euractiv 12.05.2014

Pesticide Firms Use Tobacco Playbook to Spin Bee Crisis PR watch 12.05.2014

Keep these toxic herbicides out of our food! The Ecologist 10.05.2014

EU counters deadly US pig virus with stricter import rules Euractiv 07.05.2014

Irish farmers must stand up for change Thejournal.ie 07.05.2014

Organic sector concludes organic regulation is inadequate IFOAM EU 06.05.2014

Beekeepers, environmental NGOs and civil right groups demand that Syngenta, Bayer and BASF stop killing bees Greenpeace.eu 29.04.2014

Delivering on EU Food Safety and Nutrition in 2050 DG SANCO 28.04.2014

This cash for grouse scandal shows how Britain has become a plutocrats’ paradise Guardian 28.04.2014

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Connemara seaweed collectors fear loss of livelihood Irish Times 15.04.2014

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They razed paradise and put up a soybean lot Global Post 07.04.2014

Infected meat could reach UK’s plates, inspectors warn The Guardian, 07.04.2014

Northern Europe hit by most bee deaths – EU study BBC 07.04.2014

MEPs likely to water down new green CAP provisions European Voice 07.04.2014

Landgrabbing and land concentration threaten French agriculture and countryside (French/en Francais) La Basta 07.04.2014

World’s Number 1 Herbicide Discovered in U.S. Mothers’ Breast Milk Sustainable Pulse 06.04.2014

Food banks to tackle poverty crisis Irish Examiner 04.04.2014

The European Parliament demands stricter regulation of conflicts of interest at EU’s food safety authority Corporate Europe Observatory, 03.04.2014

Ukrainian Grain Harvest Seen Shrinking Due to Turmoil The Wall Street Journal, 27.03.2014

Healthy Farms Need Focus on Biodiversity over Fertilizers, Researchers Say Nature World News, 22.03.2014

MEPs say GMO in honey is OK EurActiv, 24.03.2014

Feeding Europe: food sovereignty and agro-ecology foeeurope.org 28.03.2014

Time to reform how farming organisations are funded Agriland.ie 27.03.2014

Organics: Commission proposal Europa.eu 25.03.2014

Two men charged in relation to horsemeat scandal Farmers Guardian 25.03.2014

Pesticides make the life of earthworms miserable Phys.org 25.03.2014

Antimicrobial resistance remains commonly detected in bacteria in humans, animals and food EFSA 25.03.2014

Still Time to Debate CAP Independent.ie, 18.03.2014

Back to the Land in Romania Le Monde Diplomatique, 14.03.2014

EU, U.S. to commit to remove all duties on transatlantic trade Reuters, 13.04.2014

MEPs express objections to CAP reform ‘delegated acts’
 Agra-net.com, 18.03.2014

Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than thought  Science Daily 16.03.2014

FAO reports rise in GM material in non-GM food trade Food Navigator, 14.03.2014

Give and take in the EU-US trade deal? Sure. We give, the corporations take The Guardian, 10.03.2014

The agrichemical lobby already laying the ground work for the next Parliament Corporate Europe Observatory, 7.03.2014

Democracy and diversity can mend broken food systems SrFood, 10.04.2014

Daily sugar intake should be halved BBC, 05.03.2014

U.S. Farmers Report Widespread GM Crop Contamination Inter Press Service 05.03.2014

Growing reliance on fewer crops will increase risk of drought and disease The Guardian Tuesday 04.03.2014

Lethal effects of genetically modified Bt toxin confirmed on young ladybird larvae Science Daily, 27.02.2014

Just how much does it cost growers to give us bananas at 68p per kilo? The Guardian, 25.02. 2014

How GM food is finding its way into your diet The Ecologist, 22.02.2014

How we ended up paying farmers to flood our homes The Guardian, 18.02.2014

Change in grain policy signals China’s intent to boost meat production IATP, 18.02.2014

What are you hiding? The opacity of the EU-US trade talks Corporate Europe Observatory, 17.02.2014

Commission must not ‘take risk’ with ‘untested’ GM crop The Parliament, 18.02.2014

EU farmers push TTIP agenda Politico, 10.02.2014

The farm bill: A trillion in the trough The Economist, 08.02.2014

EU ready to lift duties on most U.S. goods for trade pact Reuters, 06.02.2014

Organic farming’s place in Ireland’s Rural Development Plan Olliesplace, 05.02.2014

Organic farming ‘boosts biodiversity, bees’ Farmer’s Weekly 04.02.2014

Pesticide toxicity vastly understated, claims new Séralini study Food Navigator, 31.01.2014

Next EU-US trade deal talks in mid-March Agra Europe, 28.01.2014

Common crop pesticides kill honeybee larvae in the hive Science Daily, 27.01.2014

Leaked EC proposals alarm organic farmers The Grocer, 26.01.2014

TTIP: expert group set up to assist EU negotiators New Europe Online, 27.01.2014

Greek Presidency outlines its priorities for agriculture Agriland, 27.01.2014

Sovereignty fears lead to EU-US trade rethink The Independent, 21.01.2014

Honeybee shortage threatens crop pollination in Europe BBC News, 09.01.2014
Agricultural Policies Exacerbate Honeybee Pollination Service Supply-Demand Mismatches Across Europe PLOS ONE, 08.01.2014

Fakethrough! GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism Independent Science News, 07.01.2014

GMOs and the Capitulation of Science Journalism Food Navigator, 03.01.2014

Walmart recalls contaminated donkey meat product in China  The Grocer, 02.01.2014

Walmart recalls donkey meat in China over fox meat contamination The Grocer 02.01.2014


UK Government to intervene in Monsanto GM Soy case Food Navigator 03.01.2014
Northern Ireland transfers 0% to Pillar II NI Direct 31.12.2013
Scottish have “poorest diet in UK” Food Navigator 23.12.2013
CAP reform announcement – what it means for farmers Farmers Guardian (UK) 21.12.2013
Why we must fight EU seed and plant law” Guardian 19.12.2013
UK traffic light labeling “could harm traditional Italian foods” Food Navigator 17.12.2013
Bee killing pesticides may “harm developing brains of unborn babies” Guardian 17.12.2013
EU Court Annuls Commission GM Potato Approval Food Navigator 16.12.2013
EU’s latest TTIP documents leaked Corporate Europe Observatory 16.12.2013
Will TTIP trade away food standards? Eating Better 09.12.13
TPP leaked documents reveal hard-line negotiating tactics, Guardian, 09.12.13
EU Commission launches local food and direct sales report 09.12.2013
Gates Foundation investments questioned, Mother Jones 06.12.13
Controversy over
EU Commission nominees for EFSA CEO 03.12.2013
TTIP Lies George Monbiot Guardian, 03.12.2013
Neonicotinoid ban won’t fix all bees’ problems The Ecologist, 30.11.2013
Final EU deal on agriculture fails on greening, simplicity and fairness
 Birdlife Europe, 20.11.2013
Final (MFF) deal commits EU to a budget with no vision and no scope to redress thisGreens/EFA, 19.11.2013
Parliament approves EU’s 2014-2020 budget
 EurActiv, 19.11.2013
Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) WikiLeaks ,13.11.2013
CAP budget share rises as budget deadlock finally resolved
 CAP Reform.eu, 13.11.13
Coca-Cola vows to axe suppliers guilty of land grabbing
 The Guardian, 08.11.2013
Northern Lights, American Opportunity for International
Trade Foreign Policy, 08.11.2013
US and EU to Resume Free-Trade Talks Despite NSA Spying Scandal
 International Business Times, 11.11.2013
FAO report: Each year 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted
 FAO, 11.11.2013
UK Government rejects Scottish calls for CAP budget Farmers Guardian, 08.11.2013
Northern Lights, American Opportunity for International Trade
 Foreign Policy, 08.11.2013
DEFRA to meet farmers over CAP plans
 Farmer’s Weekly, 06.11.2013
This transatlantic trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy The Guardian, 04.11.2013
Say cheese: EU strikes trade deal with Canada, looks to U.S.
 Reuters 18.10.2013
How to Feed the World
 The New York Times 14.10.2013
Council and MEPs strike deal on outstanding CAP issues
 European Voice, 25.09.2013
Syngenta launch plan to boost global production by 20 per cent
 Farmers Guardian 19.09.13
Food price fears push EU lawmakers to put a lid on biofuels growth
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Commission looks at possible revamp of organic farming legislation
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EU to ban fipronil to protect honeybees
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Wasting Food Is Like Stealing From Poor, Pope Says
 New York Times, 05.06.2013
Political groups gear up for ‘historic’ vote on CAP reform
 The Parliament, 06.03.2013
Farmers to protest CAP reform  Irish Examiner, 28.05.2013
D-day looms for Coveney as agreement on Cap closer The Irish Times, 27.05.2013
MEP accused of ignoring mandate on CAP reform
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Commission bid to increase EU control over food chain
 European Voice, 06.05.2013
Major ‘fly in the ointment’ in getting Cap agreement – Coveney Irish Times, 02.05.2013
Hopes of agreement on CAP reform by June
 European Voice, 19.04.2013
Commission calls for year-long transition for farm policy
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B&Q supports anti-neonicotinoid campaign
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CAP reform: A promising start could end in disappointment
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19 March 8 p.m. – Ministers still put finishing touches to CAP reform mandate
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Ministers close to CAP agreement
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CAP reform, not horsemeat, will be defining story of 2013 Irish Examiner ,18.03.2013
Ministers close to agreement despite deep ideological split over future Ag policy European Voice ,13.03.2013
After landmark CAP vote, the hard work begins EurActiv, 13.03.2013
After landmark CAP vote, the hard work begins
 EurActiv, 13.03.2013
Agri-Lobby in the European Parliament starts dirty tricks – In sudden move, agriculture panel gets extra power over CAP
 EurActiv, 11.03.2013
The green light for a modern CAP?
 European Policy Centre, 08.03.2013
Neonicotinoid bee killer ban – NGO slams unrealistic pesticide report Europolitics, 06.03.2013
Coming weeks ‘vital for CAP reform’ Irish Times, 22.02.2013
Halve meat consumption, scientists urge rich world Guardian, 18.02.2013
EU budget hawks succeed in €960-billion cap – details of cutting EurActiv, 08.02.2013
EU leaders strike deal on long-term austerity budget Reuters, 08.02.2013
EU deeply divided ahead of summit Deutsche Welle, 07.02.2013
Farm Wars: EU Grapples with Costs of Subsidizing Agriculture
  Der Spiegel, 05.02.2013
Development Has Limited Role in CAP Reform Debate InDepthNews, 01.02.2013
CAP reform far from a done deal Euractiv, 24.01.2013
Farmers could get paid twice over for ‘greening’ BBC, 23.01.2013
Farm lobbies put pressure on MEPs ahead of vote
Europolitics, 22.01.2013
High stakes as Ireland embraces CAP reform challenge
Farmers Guardian, 11.01.2013
Almost half of the world’s food thrown away, report finds 
The Guardian, 10.01. 2013


France and Poland main winners in first round of EU budget talks
Droughts cut Europe’s food output, raise fire risks
, Euractiv – 20.08.2012
Food costs stoke debate about EU biofuels targets, Euractiv – 16.08.2012
US and France ready to act over rising food prices
, The Telegraph – 13.08.2012
Countdown to the Good Food March begins
, Farmers Monthly – 07.08.2012
Green groups: Barroso team too slow on environment
, Euractiv – 03.07.2012
Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local
, New York Times – 01.07.2012
Small dairy farms have no future in the UK‘, Farmers Weekly – 30.06.2012
Agribusiness CAPturing EU research money?
, Corporate Europe Observatory – 26.06.2012
MEPs voted for simpler food quality labels
, The Parliament.com – 21.06.2012
Retailers vow to boycott ‘illegal pig farm’ meat
,  Farmers Guardian – 18.06.2012
Greek farmers rent patches of land to citydwellers in scheme to combat crisis
, The Guardian – 14.06.2012
Rio+20 a chance to engage smallholder farms in sustainable agriculture, The Guardian – 13.06.2012
EU ignoring impact of biofuels on food security
, Public Services Europe – 01.06.2012
UK MPs slam EU-wide environmental plans
, Farmers Weekly – 01.06.2012
Brazil Forest Code Portions Vetoed By Dilma Rousseff
, Huffington Post – 25.05.2012
European Parliament Absent in Sustainability Summit
, IPS – 16.05.2012
UK families waste £270 a year on discarded food, The Guardian – 16.05.2012
Green groups decry ‘depressing’ EU farm reform deal
, Euractiv, 15.05.2012
MPs urge Government caution on GM crops
, Farmers Guardian, 14.05.2012
Farmers fear EU law could harm pork industry,
Euractiv – 03.05.2012
Portuguese plant seeds to cope with crisis
, Reuters – 18.04.2012
European Food Safety Authority admits failure on revolving doors
, Corporate Europe Observatory – 18.04.2012
EU report questions conventional biofuels’ sustainability, EurActiv – 11.04.2012
France’s small-scale organic farmers celebrate 10 years of boxing clever
, The Guardian – 10.04.2012
Mass protest planned against GM wheat, Farmers Weekly – 04.04.2012
Pesticides hit queen bee numbers
, BBC News – 29.03.2012
Efficacy of EU’s ‘green’ CAP reform questioned
, EurActiv – 26.03.2012
Honeybee decline blamed on lethal combination of chemicals and disease, The Telegraph – 22.03.2012
Osborne’s claim wildlife rules too costly for business challenged by own review
, The Guardian – 22.03.2012
MEPs debate plans for greener farming policy
, ENDS Europe – 22.03.2012
Greece on the breadline: ‘potato movement’ links shoppers and farmers
, The Guardian – 18.03.2012
MEPs’ vote ends EU-US row on hormone-treated beef
, EurActiv – 15.03.2012
French farmers fighting the taboo of pesticides
, EurActiv – 06.03.2012
UK government pledges to cut farming red tape, The Guardian – 21.02.2012
Anti-GMO stance seen as hurting EU grain farmers, EurActiv – 20.02.0212
Monsanto found guilty of chemical poisoning in France
, The Guardian – 13.01.2012
Spain joins France in bid to ring fence CAP budget
, EurActiv – 15.03.2012
EU rules ‘encouraging farmers to plough up grasslands’
, The Guardian – 03.02.2012
British Lords call for cuts in farm payments, EurActiv – 03.02.2012
Danes seek compromise on GM crops, EurActiv – 03.02.2012
Pesticides blamed for bee decline, The Independent – 29.01.2012
Disgruntled GMO firms start pulling out of EU market
, EurActiv – 27.01.2012
Biodiversity in danger without swift action, MEPs say
, EurActiv – 24.01.2012
New ways of farming ‘could slow bad effects of climate change’
, Business Day – 23.01.2012
Parliament pushes to slash food waste in Europe
, EurActiv – 19.01.2012
An end to GM crop development for Europe, Financial Times – 16.01.2012
Scientists link mass death of British bees to farm pesticides, The Herald Scotland – 15.01.2012
UK battery farms break EU rules, BBC News – 13.01.2012
‘Climate farmers’ highlight green agriculture practices, EurActiv – 09.01.2012
Chicken infected with antibiotic-resistant germs
, The Local – 09.01.2012
Farmers have duty of care for the countryside, survey suggests, Farmers Guardian – 08.01.2012
NFUS welcomes renewed commitment from Spelman on CAP, Farmers Guardian – 06.01.2012
Greece must return €425 million in farm subsidies,
EurActiv – 05.01.2012
Farming ‘could thrive outside EU’
, Farmers Weekly – 05.01.2012
Organic conference to debate key CAP Reform and Food Security issues
, FarmingUK.com – 02.01.2012


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Reference to CAP in biodiversity conclusions deleted, EuropeanVoice.com – 19.12.2011
Study warns of worsening pesticide pollution, EurActiv – 08.12.2011
Brussels in new offensive on CAP reform, Farmers Weekly Interactive – 08.12.2011
A fairer deal for dairy farmers: MEPs and Council agree on new rules, EU Parliament Press Release – 06.12.2011
Organic farmers defend EU’s ‘green revolution’
, EurActiv – 02.12.2011
Green space emerges as major CAP controversy, EurActiv – 24.11.2011
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Urgent call to reduce food waste in the EU, European Parliament – 23.11.2011
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De Castro: need for a more flexible and productive CAP, European Parliament – 14. 11.2011
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CAP plans don’t get to heart of challenges, DEFRA – 14.11.2011
CAP greening plans ‘unacceptable’, UK tells Ciolos, Farmers Guardian – 14.11.2011
EU-Agrarministerrat: Im Mittelpunkt stehen einmal mehr die GAP-Reformpläne, agrarheute – 14.11.2011
How CAP reform could affect your farm, Farmers Guardian – 10.11.2011
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CAP proposals slammed for complicating farming, Farmers Weekly Interactive – 25.10.2011
CAP reform: Greening measures spark greatest misgivings,  Europolitics – 21.10.2011
CAP reforms could be delayed for up to a year, Farmers Guardian – 21.10.2011
Green MEP slams CAP reform proposals, Farmers Guardian – 17.10.2011
Brussels vague on rural spending for 2014-2020, EurActiv – 17.10.2011

Following the release of the legislative proposals on 12th October

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CAP reform principles have strong support, Europolitics – Louis Antoine; May 31, 2011
EU lawmakers back CAP budget status quo, Euractiv; May 26, 2011
EU farm chief: GM food meets no quality, diversity criteria, Euractiv; May 3, 2011
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EXCUSIV /Dacian Cioloş: „Pentru mine, produsele cu OMG nu corespund criteriilor de calitate” –  Adevarul Europa , 3 May, Author: Ovidiu Nahoi
CAP transparency: Commission remains committed to publication of beneficiaries of EU farm aid,  Midday Express; April 29, 2011
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Parliament questions CAP reform, Independent; 01.03.2011 ↑ Top


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Energy prices, speculation to blame for recent food price hike, says World Bank EurActiv, 26.08.201
Afghanistan and African nations at greatest risk from world food shortages The Guardian, 19.08.2010
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Milk from cloned cow offspring exposes gap in EU food law EUobserver, 03.08.2010
L’EMB participe aux débats de la PAC de l’après 2013 en tant que membre de l’ARC AgriAvis, 21.07.2010
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