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Coping with Covid19 – the Open Food Network and the New Digital Order(s)

With Covid19, aka the coronavirus, come restrictions on people’s outdoor movements and gathering. This means that, while supermarkets are considered essential, it seems to be case by case for other food markets: instantly,  farmers markets are shutting all over Europe with serious consequences for small producers. Digital food platforms have never been more urgent. Open Food Network is perhaps the best example of a good food network that’s digitised, cooperative, open source, not for profit and ready for your community.  […]

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Brussels | Cooking Up A Local Food Strategy

With the recent election of a mayor keen to strengthen local democracy and serve up healthy, local food for all, Ixelles, in Brussels, is laying the groundwork for an exciting local food strategy. ARC2020’s Hannes Lorenzen is involved. […]

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Community Supported Agriculture goes Beyond Borders

More than 300 participants from 40 countries gathered for the 7th international CSA Symposium. The theme of this Symposium was “Beyond Borders” and indeed the movement is working to transgress political, social and economic borders, from Lesvos to China, the US to Palestine. By Natalie Markiefka tell us about it. […]

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Good Food Policies – Time to Get Involved

We have to do food better, to create a food system that isn’t feeding half the world so badly they are either undernourished or overweight, that isn’t emitting around 25% of greenhouse gases, that isn’t wasting 30% of what it produces, and that isn’t treating its millions of workers and animals like dirt. […]

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Ireland celebrates its Food Sovereignty. #FoodSov

Food activists, curious eaters, harried, hurried producers and many more came together in Ireland to have food sovereignty proclamation meals. This date – 24th April – was also the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising – the start of Ireland’s independence movement, and the day the Irish proclamation of Independence was read out. So what happened? […]

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Peasant markets of Moldova – a treasure to be protected

By Ramona Duminicioiu, Eco Ruralis When it comes to food and agriculture, traveling through the Republic of Moldova takes you back in time, in the best way possible. Eastern Europe still shelters a great number of peasants, which provide direct access to healthy and organic food for consumers. After joining the EU, Romania started privatising peasant markets, implementing sanitary norms by unrealistic standards, which diminished the quality of food and the number of local producers. So I wanted to visit the central peasant market from Chișinău – the capital city of Moldova, since I started planning my travel in the summer. I was hoping to find what Romania lost in the last 9 years of implementing the Common Agricultural Policy. My expectations were far exceeded. Chișinău central market is a vivid example of how peasants can feed very well the city people. With 4596 stalls, and 722 boutiques, the Central Market of Chisinau is the largest open market in the region. Once you are there, you will discover markets within the market. The peasant market […]

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Fresh recruits for Growing Livelihoods

The UK’s Growing Livelihoods scheme to foster smaller-scale food growing has added a further five projects to the pilot phase it launched last year. The new arrivals in the Growing Livelihoods family are Bristol’s Beacon Farms, the Cwm Harry Cultivate group in south Wales, Cloughmills Community Action Team in Northern Ireland, the Cornish Tamar Grow Local group and Falkland Small Growers in Fife. The Tamar Grow Local group will convert an agricultural building into a shared packhouse, meeting space and office. This will extend the existing support for new market gardeners, who will be able to work together and establish new routes to market. With the Falkland Estate earning organic certification in May this year, two new businesses have been set up to establish a network of local growers. Falkland Kitchen Farm and Meadowsweet Organics are part of a plan to share equipment and services such as marketing organic crops. Cloughmills Community Action Team is building a geodesic dome, like the Eden Project, in which hydroponic salad crops will be grown, alongside mushrooms raised on […]