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  • As the CAP process moves into its next phase, national coalitions are mobilising to encourage the European Commission to do a robust, ambitious job in assessing Member States CAP Strategic Plans. […]
  • What is the scale and impact of pesticides in agri-food? Where is power expressed, and what are the costs associated with the use of these agri-industrial inputs? A new concept note and policy brief throws some light on the topic. Op-Ed by Le BASIC – Christophe Alliot, Sylvain Ly CCFD-Terre Solidaire – Maureen Jorand Pollinis – Nicolas Larmaan PAN-Europe – Martin Dermine and CEO – Hans Vanscharen.  […]
  • Farmers in England and Wales want to move away from centralised supply chains where they say they have little influence over prices, not enough connection to consumers, and are not rewarded for delivering positive climate and nature outcomes. This is according to the findings of Sustain in its report ‘Beyond the Farmgate’ which lays out the results of a new survey of 500 English and Welsh farmers. […]
  • Despite the spin, after years of negotiations, the CAP that will be voted on this week in Strasbourg does little of substance to really address the crises – climate and biodiversity – and does as little as possible to address fairness. And there will be much talk of the greenest CAP ever, but this is mostly hot air unfortunately. Here we outline what’s being voted on in plenary, present related survey data from EEB/Birdlife, IFOAM EU and share the views of Sommer Ackerman of the Withdraw the CAP movement.  […]
  • Agricultural industry, species extinction, nutrition, climate: If we reform agriculture, we could achieve great things. Such reform should be a priority for the incoming “traffic-light” coalition government in Germany, but will it rise to the task? Tanja Busse has more.  […]
  • A Manifesto for Regenerative Agriculture was signed by participants of the first Climate Farming Congress which took place in Germany this month. Experts and practitioners came together with the objective of unifying the voice of regenerative agriculture in Europe. […]
  • Integrating women’s rights into climate action, with food and farming at the centre, is vital if planetary health is to be successfully restored. This was the message from a Gender Day event at COP26 that underscored the links between climate change, equality and the role of women in agriculture. Ursula Billington reports. […]
  • Jacqueline FrantovĂĄ was a young Swiss urbanite when she first came to the Czech Republic in the mid-nineties. It was the “Wild East”, a place where anything could happen. Little did she suspect she would become a shepherdess. Today Jacqueline and her Bohemian family raise goats, sheep and cows in the Czech countryside. […]
  • Food and farming is notable by its almost total absence from climate change discussions at COP26. Yet farmers can and want to be part of the solution. Could big data be the key to unlocking a transition to sustainble farming and food systems? An unlikely alliance of multinational corporations and civil society organisations makes the case for a Global Farm Metric. Ursula Billington reports.   […]

Vision and Strategy for Rural Europe

For just and sustainable Europe, rural considerations have to be integrated into the plans for Covid-19 recovery, for CAP and for the EU Green Deal. Find the series here.

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La PolĂ­tica AgrĂ­cola ComĂșn

Este webinar tiene como objetivo presentar cómo las políticas, legislaciones y sistemas de ejecución europeos desempeñan un papel en obstaculizar o promover la sostenibilidad de los productos agrícolas y alimenticios de Centroamérica (CA). Enlace de registro.

CAP Strategic Plans

Each EU Member State, at present, is writing its National CAP Strategic Plan. Will they pave the way for sustainable agriculture, forestry, and rural development? Read our policy analysis.

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