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  • From the S√°mi perspective, all matters are environmental matters. The S√°mi Environmental Programme is a holistic framework with a long-term, decolonised perspective on sustainability and Indigenous culture. Josefina Skerk, former Vice President of the S√°mi Parliament, shares powerful perspectives on life, land and climate justice in a conversation originally published¬†in “Rural Europe Takes Action – No more business as usual”, the policy guide launched by ARC2020 and Forum Synergies in June 2022. […]
  • In this op-ed, Matthias Wolfschmidt of Foodwatch International unpacks the EU’s food system, its reliance on cheap imports, its generation of food waste, the power of lobby groups and Europe’s subsequent reliance on damaging pesticides and fertilizers. In this context, Wolfschmidt considers how the weaponisation of hunger embeds a lock in of problematic agri-industrial inputs, while also pointing to a way out of this bind within 15 years.¬†¬† […]
  • The Green Road of Ecovillages is a network of ecological communities and permaculture centers that give shelter to refugees from Ukraine. Some of the displaced people are still in Ukraine, others are outside Ukraine. The Green Road has developed organically on the ground and with with international, mutual aid support, in particular from Denmark and the Netherlands. After our initial article, here we check in on new challenges and how they are being dealt with. By Anastasiya Volkova of GEN Ukraine. […]
  • At the European Rural Parliament, ongoing in Kielce, Poland, the Future of Europe takes centre stage today. ARC2020 president Hannes Lorenzen hosted a panel on this topic, with Marion Eckardt (ELARD), Katrina Idu (Forum Synergies) Normunds Popens (European Commission), Radim SrŇ°eŇą European Committee of the Regions, Goran ҆oster (PREPARE) and Toma ҆utińá (European Commission). […]
  • The European commission presented a new regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products. This regulation is a long awaited response to the insufficient results of the Sustainable Use of Pesticide Directive (SUD) that framed the use of pesticides since 2009. We have a look and check if the CAP Strategic Plans can provide good tools to help reach the ambition. […]
  • S√©bastien loves bread. Shaped by a farming background, he was drawn to cooking, but experience taught him that the reality in the kitchen was very far from his ideals. Fabienne studied accounting and worked a corporate job in the city. She was happy to team up with her husband S√©bastien on the farm in the West of France. Here in their on-farm bakery, between batches of bread, they share their views on life as farmer-bakers. […]
  • This extract from “Rural Europe Takes Action – No more business as usual” tells the story of the¬†Sustainable Food Consortium, a group of food activists who came together in Redon, France. We hear in particular about the political, bureaucratic and agro-industrial barriers the Consortium faced, and draw some learnings from this.¬† […]
  • Community Supported Agriculure (CSA) can transform the way producers and consumers relate to food as a local commons. In 2008, the¬†Romanian network for Community Supported Agriculture farms (ASAT) set out¬†to open the eyes of urban consumers to the benefits of small-scale agroecological production and develop CSA partnerships.¬† […]
  • Next in our series of extracts from “Rural Europe Takes Action – No more business as usual” is the¬†story of¬†Resilience.Earth, a non-profit cooperative committed to community resilience and regenerative design as fundamental tools for social and ecological transformation. In engaging rural communities, Resilience.Earth builds from a feminine, indigenous and decolonial perspective. […]

Rural Europe Takes Action

ARC2020 and Forum Synergies launch a new book titled ‚ÄúRural Europe Takes Action ‚Äď No more business as usual‚ÄĚ. Take a look here.

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