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Hello and welcome to our June newsletter!

Yes we in Arc2020 have been busy, and this time its not just with the agri-food news. This time, we’ve completely upgraded our website, so its much easier for you to use. Have a look!

Our site is now far better on multiple devices – tablets and smart phones for example – and works a lot better on your computer too. It is – we hope – crisper and cleaner, with stronger images, but our message is still core: we want and need better food and farming policy.

And it seems that we are, sometimes, making progress. As we prepared to send out this newsletter, it has emerged that the EU Parliament’s vote on TTIP has been postponed. This is – very much – as a result of the unprecedented  campaign which has been waged by the citizens of Europe. there have been over 2 million signatures, many social media campaigns and a general bombardment of genuine concern and criticism onto MEPs as the vote on June 10th came and went – and, didn’t happen.
There were officially too many amendments. In reality, there was far too much indignation over the threat to democracy TTIP represents, and TTIP proponents are desperately trying to buy time.

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Dr. Oliver Moore – 
Communications Manager

Luise Körner –
Communications Team




We have devoted a lot of time, space and energy to TTIP  – the transatlantic trade and investment partnership – in recent times. We have strengthened our transatlantic ties with IATP – the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy –  and other similar organisations.

Below are, in sequence, the TTIP related posts we’re featured since we last sent out a newsletter.

 As crucial vote on TTIP & ISDS approaches contact your MEP this #TTIPTuesday
Weak Draft TTIP Resolution Adopted
WTO Final Ruling on Meat Labels Exposes TTIP threat to Democracy (Guest post)
TTIP Fast Track still Derailed: Here’s Why
Irish Chefs Join Stand Against TTIP (Guest post)
How TTIP would outlaw alternatives to capitalism (guest post)
TTIP amendments voted on in the EU parliament
TTIP very negative impacts say Irish Farmers’ Association


Brochure available now online 
We’ve recently published a brochure showcasing examples of best practice farming and food initiatives from around Europe. Together with Friends of the Earth Europe and in association with IFOAM EU, we have brought together 10 innovative approaches  in “Transitioning Towards Agroecology: Using the CAP to build new food systems”. You can download or view a digital copy on our website

The brochure is available online in English, and now in French, German and Romanian with more languages to follow.

It is accompanied by five videos – cartoon animations, which are available at this link

CAP Simplification – simply destroying greening?

Simplification. Who doesn’t like the sound of that –  its just making life simpler, isn’t it? Well, it turns out that when it comes to EU farming and food policy, simplification may in fact be just another excuse to weaken the rules that protect what little there is of environmental and fairness in that agri-food policy. Its only simplification for certain rules, mostly those rules related to greening in general and EFA’s – ecological focus areas in particular. When exceptions and exemptions are needed, things can be as specialised, convoluted and complex as required. In two exclusive and detailed posts  we explain exactly what is happening with simplification: which rules are the lobbies and ministers targeting?
According to the EU Commission, a first set of specific actions towards CAP simplification have been announced on issues related to the guidelines for Direct Payments this year. Many Environmental NGOs are worried. ARC2020 have criticised so called simplification recently, in a detailed expose on the array of demands for exceptions, tolerances and deferrals. Read our position here. Also 
The Great CAP Simplification Scam revels the process of watering down EFAs in the months leading up to the final co-called CAP reform – the main focus of simplification – was outlined


Upcoming Events and Policy Dates

June 11-13 9th European Organic Congress Riga, Latvia

June 15 Environment Council Meeting Brussels, Belgium

June 15-16 TTIP – Increased Trade for Better Living? Brussels, Belgium

June 16-17 AGRI committee meeting Brussels, Belgium

Find all events listed on ARC2020 here.

GMO free Europe

Conference: TTIP – ‘Increased Trade for Better Living?’

Organised by Demeter International and the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) under the umbrella of ARC 2020 and the EESC; the European Policy Conference will bring together Civil Society organizations, negotiators and decision makers.
Trade should serve human society; therefore international trade agreements should be based on the principles of fairness and transparency and trade relations must take place within the limits that are set by democratic decisions.

Its clear that TTIP is becoming a totemic and era defining topic. If you are in or around Brussels, or if you want to participate from further afield, this event is for you.
Find more information here

Dr. Oliver Moore – 
Communications Manager

Luise Körner –
Communications Team


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