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Building Momentum for Agroecological Farming – EU Food Policy Coalition Expresses Solidarity with Farmers

Here we republish the text of the EU Food Policy Coalition letter, signed by a number of organisations, expressing solidarity with farmers in Europe. The context  was the protest gathering that took place on 1st February, and the farmer protests more generally.  A PDF of the letter and signatories can be found on the Agroecology Europe website. […]

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European Farmers are Angry: Addressing Root Causes Would Overcome Polarisation

On Wednesday February 1, Tomaso Ferrando stood side-by-side with the farmers who had taken over Place Luxembourg and the streets adjacent to the European Parliament in Brussels. On my way, long lines of tractors with Belgian, French and Dutch plates could be seen almost a kilometre away from the square. As he drew closer to the scene, the sound of their horns and the smell of burned tires saturated my ears and nose. Here he outlines his thoughts on the farmers’ protests and what they mean. […]

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Letter From The Farm | Winter Health Czech for the Herd

We’re with Czech farmer Terezie Daňková on Hoslovice ranch in South Bohemia for a wintertime ‘Czech-in’ on animal welfare. This is the season for the cattle, sheep and hardworking horses on the ranch to take a rest. As well as feeding the animals, Terezie gives them special care in the winter months before they return to pasture. Like the animals, pastures must be carefully managed, to allow them to play a role in efforts to mitigate the climate crisis. […]

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Brussels Round up – Mirror Clauses, Mixed Messages & Farm to Facts

Farmers’ protests continue unabated across the bloc on the back of growing calls for the resignation of the EU’s Agriculture Commissioner. Meanwhile, a new report paints a stark picture of the failures of the Farm to Fork strategy, and Belgium has weighed in on the thorny issue of reciprocal standards in the Mercosur trade deal. Natasha Foote brings you up to speed in the latest goings on in the EU agrifood sector.  […]

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Des champs aux formulaires : La frustration d’une agricultrice lors de son installation en France

Alors qu’une deuxième semaine de manifestations de agriculteurs français commence, nous examinons plus en profondeur les raisons de leur frustration. Marie Halicki, une future agricultrice installée dans les Alpes françaises, partage son expérience de navigation à travers l’administration pour ARC2020. Ce soir, même si je ne suis pas à 100% d’accord avec tous les blocages agricoles, je dois néanmoins partager mon retour d’expérience sur mon parcours à l’installation. J’ai travaillé dans le tourisme et la vente, j’ai récuré les allées dégueulasses d’un grand supermarché grenoblois, j’ai couru en tant que salariée au cul des brebis pendant 9 mois, nettoyé les pis des vaches dans le Beaufortain, fait de la pédagogie avec des canassons, et je bosse depuis dix ans sous les pieds des chevaux. Tout ça, mit bout à bout, ça fait un paquet de taff. Mais me serais-je imaginée que tout ça, toutes ces heures de travail forcené, d’organisation, de réflexions, ce serait du pipi de chat à côté de mon installation agricole ? J’élève des brebis en tant qu’éleveuse amateur depuis 3 ans […]

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Pesticides, Food Systems, GM-nOs, GHGs… what to watch in Brussels and Strasbourg this week

EU plans to slash the use and risk of pesticides have fallen on the back of farmers’ protests, which have dominated both headlines and the political agenda in recent days. Meanwhile there are plenty of other discussions cooking in Brussels which could have far reaching consequences for the future direction of the sector. Natasha Foote brings you a run down of the latest from Strasbourg and what you should watch this week. […]