ARC NEWSFLASH AUGUST 2013 : Wietze Action Camp Special


Last weekend, 7000 people turned up to demonstrate and form a human chain around Europe’s biggest chicken slaughterhouse in Wietze, Lower Saxony. With such a great turnout and heavy press coverage, the demonstration was a huge success and generated a lot of discussion 3 weeks before the elections in Germany.Thank you to everyone who came! If you were not able to make it, the photos tell an impressive story. You can see themhere.Read more about the demonstration here.

EITHER SIDE OF THE DEMONSTRATION…To encourage the continued exchange of ideas, we set up camp a few days before the demonstration and organised a variety of different events, including a full day of workshops (see the full programme here). The camp was buzzing with excitement; there was delicious, fresh food being served by the team from Fläming Kitchen, music from the legendary DJ Spoutnik, and an energetic ‘Disco Soup’ session, where vegetables were chopped en masse for Saturday’s meals. You can read more from the camp here.Jonty Whittleton, who held the workshop ‘Chicken – 1.99€/ Kg The true cost?’, shared his experience from demonstration and camp here.
Great photos of the workshops here
And some behind the scene shots here