–Audio recordings of the 2nd ARC Conference

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14:00 Welcome messages


Yves SOMVILLE, EESC member (BE), NAT Section

Yves Somville – EESC Welcome:

Arie VAN DEN BRAND, President Groupe de Bruges

Arie van den Brand – ARC Welcome:

Civil Society’s Reform Priorities

14:05 Plenary Debate on the emerging ideas for the future CAP and the unresolved issues that need to be addressed

Introduction: Michael DOWER, Member of the ARC Core Group

Michael Dower – Debate on unresolved issues:

Moderator:  Arie VAN DEN BRAND, President Groupe de Bruges

14:40 Summary of the debate and introduction of the experts

Consulting the experts

Introduction by the moderator:

Robert LUKESCH, Associate partner of ÖAR Regional Consulting Ltd.

Robert Lukesch – Intro to expert round:

14:45 Coalition Building on Reforming Agriculture and Trade Policies in a Globalized World

Speaker: Jim HARKNESS, Director of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Jim Harkness – Speech

15:05 The CAP and Public Health Policy

R. Lukesch – Introduction of Tim Lang

Speaker: Tim LANG, Professor of Food Policy at City University London, UK

Tim Lang – Speech

15:25 Sustainable Farming Practices and Environmental Challenges

R. Lukesch – Introduction of Erik Mathijs

Speaker: Erik MATHIJS, Professor and head of division of agricultural and food economics at the K.U.Leuven, Belgium

Erik Mathijs – Speech

15:45 General discussion on prospects for the future CAP

Discussion of experts’ presentation

Europe’s Decision-Makers Respond

16:30  Chair and moderator: Arie VAN DEN BRAND, President Groupe de Bruges

Introduction of representatives of EU Institutions by A. van den Brand

16:40 The State-of-Play of the Reform Process


Dacian CIOLOŞ, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

Dacian Cioloş – Speech

Albert DEß, Rapporteur, Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Parliament

Albert Deß – Speech

Marek SAWICKI, Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development representing the EU Presidency

Marek Sawicki – Speech

Lutz RIBBE, EESC member (DE), NAT Section

Lutz Ribbe – Speech


17:10  Questions and discussions

17:50  Final Statements

18:00  Conclusions

Final Debate of the 2nd ARC Conference