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APRODEV – CAP Statement (February 2013)

APRODEV – Crop Rotation in the CAP reform: Relevance of WTO constraints, benefits and control (February 2013)

APRODEV, Friends of the Earth Europe, IFOAM EU Group and Pesticide Action Group – Crop Rotation: Benefitting farmers, the environment and the economy (July 2012)

Arbeitsgruppe Landwirtschaft und Ernährung im Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung:

Vorschläge zur Reform der EU-Agrarpolitik müssen die Probleme aus der industriellen Tierhaltung angehen (June 2012)

EU agricultural policy reform proposals must address the problems arising from industrial livestock production

EU BirdLife partners – A Strong Rural Development Policy: The key to unlocking the CAP’s green potential (June 2012)

BirdLife / EEB / EFNCP / IFOAM / WWF – Proposal for a new EU Common Agricultural Policy

BirdLife / EEB / EFNCP / IFOAM / WWF – Common briefing following discussions in the Council on Greening of the CAP  (June 2012)

CONCORD – The Future of the European Common Agricultural Policy and Development

The Council for British Archaeology – Crunch Time for CAP

ELARD – Position on CAP reform

European Federation of National Associations of Water and Waste Water (EUREAU) – Position Paper to CAP after 2013

Europa Nostra, ECOVAST, RED, EAA, EAC – Europe’s Living Landscapes

European Coordination Via Campesina – For a New European Agriculture and Food policy that meets the challenges of this century

European Food Declaration – 16 languages

European Network of Heads of Nature Conservation Agencies – Position-Paper on “Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs)

European Milk Board – Policy Position

European Public Health and Agriculture Consortium – Towards a healthier, more sustainable CAP

FoodSovCAP – European Food Declaration: Towards a healthy, sustainable, fair and mutually supportive Common Agriculture and Food policy

IFAB – Common Agricultural Policy from 2014 – Perspectives for more Biodiversity and Environmental Benefits of Farming? Policy recommendations from the project “Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2013 (November 2012)

IFOAM EU Group – Towards a sustainable CAP

Nyeleni Europe 2011: Declaration from the European Forum for Food Sovereignty

Overseas Development Institute – CAP reform and development

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe – Which Common Agricultural Policy after 2013? 2010 Position Paper

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Europe – Which Common Agricultural Policy after 2013? 2010 Position Paper Summary

Slow Food – Towards a New Common Agricultural Policy



Alliance to Save out Antibiotics (Soil Association, Sustain, CIWF) – Antibiotics resistance – the impact of intensive farming on human health (March 2013)

Allianz für Landwirtschaft und Naturschutz in den Alpen für eine zukunftsfähige Berglandwirtschaft – Alpine Vielfalt erhalten

ETC Group – Who will control the Green Economy

Food Watch – The Hunger Makers (in German and French here)

Forum Synergies – Forum Synergies et l’avenir des politiques agricoles et rurales en Europe: 4 leçons pour le futur

Friends of the Earth Europe – Farming money: How European banks and private finance profit from food speculation and land grabs (January 2012)

Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, Weed and WDM – Back to fundamentals (July 2012)

Global Citizens Report – The GMO Emperor has no clothes

GRAIN – The great milk robbery: How corporations are stealing livelihoods and a vital source of nutrition from the poor

Greenpeace – Genetically engineered crops in the EU (October 2012)

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in Kooperation mit BUND und Le Monde Diplomatique – Fleischatlas (January 2013)

IATP – A Risky Proposition: Crop Insurance in the Face of Climate Change

LAV and Gaia Angelini – The Real Cost of Meat: Mapping the Impacts of Meat Production (June 2012)

Oxfam – CEREAL SECRETS The world’s largest grain traders and global agriculture (August 2012)

Peter Crosskey, ARC2020 Correspondent – Biodiversity Plans that Engages Populations

Soil Association – Telling porkies: The big fat lie about doubling food production

Soil Association – Feeding the future: how organic farming can help feed the world

UK Food Group Briefing – Securing Future Food: towards ecological food provision

USSE Unión de Silvicultores del Sur de Europa – Assessments to the European Commission proposal for the new Rural Development regulation of the CAP post 2013

War on Want – Food Sovereignty: Reclaiming the Global Food System