NewsFlash December 2015

Hello and welcome to our December newsletter!

The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – better known as COP21  – is underway in Paris. As we saw in the run up, with the Bonn talks we covered recently, nation states mostly argue their corner and real ambition is quite low: 2.7 degrees Celsius warming might be an optimistic outcome of the COP21, based on Bonn – and that’s hardly enough to prevent runaway climate change, when 2 degrees is the recognised ceiling.

Agri-food is implicated in both Climate Change mitigation and adaptation. We’vesharpened our focus on these plus on regenerative agriculture, on soil, land use change and a host of other factors. In short we believe there are ways food production can become truly sustainable as outlined by IPES and others over recent months. This involves climate change and other food security, agroecology and food sovereigntydimensions, as we explore in numerous posts on our site.

Let’s all work towards a real, sustainable agri-food sector, one that can hep us cope with and still also reduce the likelihood of runaway climate change!

We’ve also been busy with food, farming and rural issues from around Europe:

Dairy Farmer Organisation EMB calls for Hogan’s Head

CAP Simplification Cuts Inspections & Greening

Huge State Land Sell off in Hungary – who benefits?

Knowledge Exchange & Young Farmers – WWOOF Romania

European Rural Parliament Manifesto Demands Equality & Participation

Does peasantry pay the price for a more European Turkey?

Enjoy the read!

Dr. Oliver Moore and Luise Körner (Communications, AR2020)

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#COP21 Overview

See our latest articles devoted to the Paris UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris this December. Our team will be in Paris and keep you posted on the latest developments in the COP21 section of the website.

Decarbonisation, Net-Zero Emissions and Biomass = Business as Usual?

Cool the Planet, Feed the World

Room for Agroecology in ‘Climate Smart’ future?Bonn Climate Change Negotiations Kick Off

Climate Smart Agriculture: a climate change fairytale


Revamp of our Website 
We’ve recently revamped our website’s layout so you’ll find it easier – we hope! – to find the articles you want to find. In particular, we have three new tabs along the top of the page – issues network andarchive. Issues covers all the important topics we deal with from agroecology towaste; network covers our reach out actions, and contains the archive for thisnewsletter (going back five years) and lots more; while archive is a really easy way to find all our articles. It even has a monthly categorisation. Finally, there is also now a dedicated member state widget to find articles related to individual countries. The  UK has featured quite prominently recently, including an unusual guest post on a potential vegan DEFRA (i.e. Ag) minister.

Some of the above can’t be hyperlinked to, so you’ll just have to pop over to the site to have a look! Let us know what you think – is it easier for you or are there any other changes that might make more sense for you?


Glyphosate, Cancer & the Agencies – who’s right?

How does one group of the world’s most reputable experts find that “the herbicide glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans”, while another group of the world’s most reputable experts finds that  it is “unlikely to pose a carcinogenic hazard to humans” – in the same year? There is one major difference between the data sets both organisations used. So what are these extra studies, and where did they come from? Oliver Moore takes a closer look and breakes it down at our website.


Upcoming Events and Policy Dates
Conference: international RETHINK research programme
02/12/2015, Brusselles, Belgium

Commons: Citizens, Law and Governments
04/12/2015, Brussels, Belgium

Cool the Planet, Feed the World
07/12/2015, Paris France

Climate and Food Conference
09/12/2015, Paris France

Find all events listed on ARC2020 here.


Call to the sixth “WE ARE FED UP WITH AGRO INDUSTRY!” demonstration
No future without our farmers! (Keine Zukunft ohne Bäuerinnen und Bauern!”) We are getting ready for the big demonstration coming up in January. Over 50,000 demonstrated at the event in January 2015. This year, we are expecting another huge, international turnout. Farmers and consumers together are calling for a fundamental shift in farming policies  –  for good food and good farming for all!

16. January 2016 in Berlin. Mark your calendars now!

Dr. Oliver Moore –
Communications Manager

Luise Körner –
Communications Team

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