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Stop Food Speculation

Swiss banks operating worldwide are involved in the speculation of staple food to a tune of 3,6 billion Swiss Francs. Among these banks, Credit Suisse is the single largest investor in staple food. It is unacceptable that a few investors get rich at the expense of countless poor people! Swiss NGOs Bread for All and the Lenten Fund have launched an online petition and campaign video requesting Brady Dougan, the CEO of Credit Suisse to divest his bank’s investments in stable food. Everybody can sign on! Change for better is possible. As a result of citizen pressure in countries such as Belgium, Germany or the UK, banks including Deutsche Deka Bank, the DZ Bank, and BNP in France have recently pulled out of making business with food speculation. Take a look at the one minute explosive campaign video at consider endorsing the petition. Everybody, whatever your nationality or residence can sign on!