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    Protests about the milk crisis in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and even New Zealand. Via European Milk Board. #MilkCrisis [...]
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    Translated from French exclusively for ARC2020 by Samel Feret and Peter Crosskey. Part one outlines the milk crisis and the Commission's responsibility in same; part two, here, suggests solutions. #MilkCrisis [...]
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    ARC2020 exclusive: Part one two by André Pfimlin, translated from French by ARC2020’s Samuel Feret and Peter Crosskey. In part one, Andre outlines the milk crisis: part two, to be released tomorrow morning, suggests solutions. #MilkCrisis   “Since the [...]
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    Written by: Claire Bernardin, Land Rights intern at Eco Ruralis; additional content via Corporate Europe Observatory. “Soon, journalists and their sources could be sued by companies if they reveal what these companies want to keep secret. Unless we react to [...]
  • Historische Stadt Schärding

Schärding (Bairisch: Scháréng) ist eine Stadt in Oberösterreich mit 4874 Einwohnern (Stand 1. Jänner 2014). Sie liegt am Inn, südlich von Passau, am westlichen Rand des Innviertels, und ist als Bezirkshauptstadt gleichzeitig lokales Zentrum für den umliegenden Bezirk.

    This November sees the European Rural Parliament (ERP) 2015  gathering, to be held in the beautiful small town of Schärding in Upper Austria. This three-day event, with one day of study tours in regions surrounding the venue, followed by two days of workshops and [...]
  • Launch of Hands on the Land
    Written By:  Derek Freitas – Food Chains Campaign Coordinator for Eco Ruralis In February of this year, a new international alliance of 16 civil society organizations around Europe joined forces to tackle issues related to climate and agroecology, markets and [...]

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Feature: Landgrabbing in Romania

Landgrabbing in RomaniaWe put the focus firmly on Landgrabbing in Romania ,with our partners Eco Ruralis. Who are the players and what can civil society do? Find our series and background briefings here.

Transitioning Towards Agroecology

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UPDATE: French version "En route vers l'agroécologie" now available! Click on Transitioning Towards Agroecology for English and French.

Europe’s Milk Crisis


The European Milkboard, member of the ARC2020 network, on the current crisis that has the dairy market in a stranglehold and the ways out of it.

Agroecology: How to make the very best of Europe’s CAP

We showcase agroecological transitioning via CAP. Watch all best practice examples

Our food and farming in the global context: Project 2000 m²

What's being grown on your global share of land?

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