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  • French-field-under-grid-v1
    Errors of a previous administration, a billion euro dispute between France and the Commission, even bigger borrowing on the international markets, late payments to farmers - its a financial cap-tastrophe in France. Peter Crosskey untangles the mess. [...]
  • Bee ladies WHES2016 (c) Oliver Moore
    What was supposed to be a fairly routine renewal of the herbicide glyphosate has turned into a quicksand quagmire. The European Commission has twice now failed to approve the controversial substance, as enough member states could not be mustered to support it. And the approval deadline of 30th June is fast approaching. Oliver Moore gives us an update. [...]
  • meal
    What happens when socially and ecologically engaged artists really focus on soil? And in so doing, bring different people - from across a wide spectrum - together to get to know that earth beneath their feet a little better? In one city in the UK - Bristol - they have done just that. Mario Catizzone tells us about it. [...]
  • Brexit-on-Trail
    A 13-strong pop-up panel convened on May 12, in an event organised by Food Research Collaboration and Coventry University’s Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR), heard evidence on Brexit and agri-food. How did they vote? Peter Crosskey attended. [...]
  • What a Healthy Soil Looks Like
    Two recent publications on Soil and Cities and on the effect of Roundup on soil microbiota show just how important and delicate that dirt beneath our feet is. [...]
  • goat featured
    When considering sustainability - and not just yield - how does organic farming compare to conventional? Recently published research, encompassing 40 years of studies, points to organic outperforming conventional in nearly all areas. But will this mean better support for organic farming in the CAP? [...]
  • ttip featured
    A report from Friends of the Earth Europe points to serious concerns for EU farming and food due to the ongoing - and now under severe pressure TTIP talks. [...]

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Is the way we farm animals and turn them into food part of the problem or the solution to the myriad of social and environmental issues we face today? This is the core question we will address in our new livestock debate series.

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