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  • caroline rowley clare
    Food activists, curious eaters, harried, hurried producers and many more came together in Ireland to have food sovereignty proclamation meals. This date - 24th April - was also the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising - the start of Ireland's independence movement, and the day the Irish proclamation of Independence was read out. So what happened? [...]
  • scotland-1138789_960_720
    With the political parties releasing their manifestos, Nourish Scotland tell us what is really needed to make Scotland a Good Food Nation. Hint - its about more than legislation! [...]
  • (c) Oliver Moore TTIP
    The EU is being asked to give up a lot in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), especially its relatively higher standards on food and chemical safety. It’s also asking for a lot in return, including the massive opening of U.S. public procurement to bids by EU firms. A new leaked memo from the European Commission shows just how much they want to open up those markets. It’s a bad tradeoff for both sides. [...]
  • UK countryside-1000447_960_720 jordan stimpson
    The National Farmers Union, representing 50,000 of the largest and wealthiest farming landowners in England (and Wales), who receive the lion’s share of all subsidies provided to the UK by the EU, have voted to support the Remain campaign. How and why has this happened? Miles King explains. [...]
  • 500-264-px-westminster
    The agricultural sector in Northern Ireland depends on EU funding for 85% of its income, disbelieving UK parliamentarians learnt from the province’s farmers’ leaders. What do farmers' representatives think of Brexit? [...]
  • flower-meadow-181684_960_720
    “Ecological focus areas should be established, in particular, in order to safeguard and improve biodiversity on farms“. So say the official EU documents. And yet for these EFAs, Member States are choosing ‘productive options’ - in particular catch crops and nitrogen fixing crops - over biodiversity. Using newly released data, Sebastian Lanker shows us just how ineffective and poorly targeted EFAs are, in Germany and beyond. [...]
  • monsanto 1
    The European Commission should renew the EU market approval for glyphosate for another 7 years only instead of 15 as originally proposed, says the non-binding resolution. Improved and more transparent evidence are also called for. [...]

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