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  • Over 200,000 European Citizens have signed an ECI petition calling on the EU to protect its soil. What does this mean, and what might happen next? [...]
  • How can we get young people back onto the land, into rural areas and contributing to local culture and the local economy? There are many routes. Here's one approach a couple who make cheese have taken in Brittany. [...]
  • Four new policy instruments have been proposed by the EEB - the European Environmental Bureau - for a future CAP. These instruments are put forward for use in the areas of ecosystems, rural development, healthy food and sustainable farming. [...]
  • Farms have to be viable economically to survive and indeed thrive. Nevertheless, as the years pass, it’s worth thinking about how the farming life is lived. Stress, workload, debt – how do these impact on wellbeing? [...]
  • In part three of this exclusive three parter on Spain's internal CAP debate, Marta Zygadlo puts forward the dissenting positions from Spain's CAP consultation position. The positions of two regions - Aragon and Navarre - and NGOs including Birdlife and WWF are put forward [...]
  • In part two of this exclusive three parter on Spain's internal CAP debate, Marta Zygadlo delves deeper into the substance of the position adopted by Spain with regard to the European Commission's CAP consultation, focusing here on financing. [...]

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Spain’s #CAP debate unpacked

In a three part series, we explore the CAP debate in Spain. Part one introduces the broad contours of the debate, including the Spanish government’s response document to the European Commission CAP consultation.

Debate: #AfterCAP

aftercapAgriculture, food and the rural seem to have been placed at the back of the queue: massive cuts in the agriculture and rural administration of the Commission; a mere communication by Commissioner  Hogan rather than the usual mid-term review; talk of a move of CAP money to external security and migration policy. What's next? We are looking forward to hear your opinion! Join the ARC2020 #AfterCAP Debate.


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