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  • "resilience strategies can only be fully judged when we make clear and explicit our values, the specific qualities we wish to preserve, and the price we are willing to pay in the long run." [...]
  • BirdLife Europe & Central Asia have made proposals to substantially overhaul the CAP. The NGO proposes four instruments in the areas of farming; food, biodiversity and what they call "Space for Nature". Also proposed is the end of the two pillar system, parity for environmental legislators, a radical change in farmer payments and in risk management. [...]
  • At the end of October, Isara Lyon, one of the oldest agronomics school in France, welcomed the 1st Forum of Agroecology Europe. More than 350 people from 28 countries gathered together to discuss the future of agroecology in Europe. So what emerged? [...]
  • How realistic is the Green Party demand in the current coalition talks for an agricultural turn, including the phase out of factory farming in 20 years? In the land of the near ubiquitous bratwurst, main ingredient in Germany's' number one fast food currywurst, how strong is the undercurrent of opposition to factory farmed pork and poultry? [...]
  • As part of our rural sociology RETHINK Modernisation series, we present an article on prosperity. What does it mean in the rural context? Is it about income, or is there more to it than that? [...]
  • Big Meat & Dairy's Supersized Climate Footprint and an intro to what we can do about it. In infographics via IATP, Grain and Boell. [...]
  • As part of our RETHINK Modernisation series, we present an article on governance mechanisms. This article explores new organisational forms, roles and partners, while presenting six vital conditions for success. [...]

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A special issue on Rethinking Modernisation is due to be published in the November issue of the Journal of Rural Studies. We bring you some short approachable summaries of the content in a dedicated series with the authors.

What are the Big Issues for Food, Farming & Rural Places?

There are some big and pressing topics in agri-food and for rural places. Some of these are ongoing – rural and farming depopulation, land access, agroecology, economic and ecological disparities in the Common Agricultural Policy – and others are new. So what’s new – and what’s worth covering in debate form?


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