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    New data from Lower Saxony on the registration of ecological focus area (EFA) for 2016 are published. The data shows almost no changes: The EFA is still an expensive measure for taxpayers with little positive impact on biodiversity. Sebastian Lanker gives ARC2020 this exclusive on the topic. [...]
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    Barry Finnegan of ATTAC Ireland explains how Ireland's upper house voted - by a single ballot - against CETA last week. He also points to the wider implications of this (albeit) non-binding vote - the first of its kind in an EU member state parliament. [...]
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    As part of CAP simplification, the European Commission is attempting to bring in some changes to greening. However a group of 18 Member States oppose three of the new, clear simple rules which happen to be stricter than the current rules. For these Member States, including - bizarrely - the soon to leave UK, simplification is only acceptable if its to do things like allow pesticides in ecological focus areas, or cause other environmental damage. [...]
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    UK prime minister Theresa May addressed he political party, the ruling Conservative party, at their conference at the start of the month. She tried to reassure the warring factions of that party that her plans for Brexit were on track. It's clear she favours a hard - that's complete - break from the EU, and not a soft - that's partial - separation. [...]
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    Hannes Lorenzen tell us about war, peace, regulations, EU relations and rural ways in this letter from Ukraine. [...]
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    A highlight of Cork2 was the sobering presentation of Janez Potočnik of The Rural Investment Support for Europe (RISE) Foundation. he is also Co-Chair of UN International Resource Panel, Former European Commissioner for Environment, and previously of Research. [...]
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    Pesticide victims Laurent Guillou and Stéphane Rouxel have won their cases against former employer Nutréa-Triskalia. The former employees at the Plouisy site of the giant Breton agricultural cooperative Triskalia suffered acute exposures to pesticides in 2009 and [...]

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aftercapAgriculture, food and the rural seem to have been placed at the back of the queue: massive cuts in the agriculture and rural administration of the Commission; a mere communication by Commissioner  Hogan rather than the usual mid-term review; talk of a move of CAP money to external security and migration policy. What's next? We are looking forward to hear your opinion! Join the ARC2020 #AfterCAP Debate.

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