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The EU has put innovation at the heart of its policies, as a possible way out of the economic crisis. To date however, the focus has often been limited to high-tech innovation, neglecting both the complexity of problems and the diversity of possible solutions. Innovation in agro-ecology seeks to make best use of biodiversity and other ecological services, while contributing to an equitable development of rural areas and establishing trust in the food chain.

Farmers, consumers, other actors throughout the food chain and rural communities are still only seen as end-users of knowledge, and are rarely consulted on research goals or methods. This must change.

This project aims to do just that. ARC2020, TP Organics and IFOAM EU Group are working together to build a clearer picture of agro-ecological innovation in Europe.

THE CLOSING EVENT FOR THIS PROJECT TOOK PLACE ON NOVEMBER 15th 2012. The meeting took place at the Information Office of the European Parliament, Place Luxembourg 3, Brussels, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Representatives of both the European Parliament and the European Commission are expected to attend the meeting, and to present the latest updates on Horizon 2020, eco-innovation and research.

All the results and outcomes of this project can be found on the website: http://agro-ecoinnovation.eu/

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