ARC in Warsaw

On Wednesday 2nd March 2011 some thirty experts in agriculture, including organic farmers, farmers’ trade unions, environmental and nature conservation NGOs, experts in public health, civil society foundations, rural development agencies and NGOs, met at Warsaw in the Stefan Batory Foundation building to discuss the future of the CAP. The meeting was organised by the Polish Green Institute (Zielony Instytut) as a regional gathering under the ARC process and was funded by the Heinrich Boell Foundation. Panel speakers included Waldemar Guba of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development who presented the Polish government’s CAP reform position, Lutz Ribbe – rapporteur of the EU Economic and Social Committee’s opinion on CAP reform, Robert Pederson of the European Public Health and Agriculture Consortium and Krzysztof Jedrzejewski, the Polish representative of the Eurogroup for Animals. The debate threw up questions such as whether the 20% of farmers receiving 86% of the CAP payments also provide 86% of the environmental public goods, posed by another deputy of the ECOSOC Krzysztof Kamieniecki. After discussing the contents of the ARC communication, participants agreed to back the ARC communication and will elaborate a Polish civil society position in the coming weeks.

Update: the position of Polish environmental, rural and social policy NGOs on the future of the CAP up to 2020 has been finalised and can be downloaded and signed here (in Polish).

For more detailed information read the article on the organiser’s website: Stanowisko w sprawie WPR

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abstract of the position of the polish of environmental, rural and social policy NGOs, on the future of the CAP up to 2020