ARC Newsflash July 2014

Dear friends and supporters,
Welcome to our latest newsletter! As usual there’s lots going on here at Arc2020. We’re very excited to be working with Friends of the Earth Europe on a new agroecology and CAP project. You will start to see, in this newsletter and on our website, lots of agroecological best practice examples from around Europe. This will help us to play our part in signposting policy makers, campaigners and others towards a new, coherent, holistic EU agri-food policy in the years ahead. (We’ll use #agroeco on social media if you use facebook or twitter)Thank you to everyone who filled in the survey  – this too has helped us share our content and emphasis.

We had lots of highlights in June, including a story which reach many thousands, aboutpeasant farmers in Romania winning a stunning victory over gold mining corporations.

Below are some more highlights from the month of June:

Finally, there are some personnel changes. Shirin Kiamanesh sets off for a new life on the west coast of Canada – we’ll miss you Shirin! Luise Körner, of the 2000m² project will join the communications team. Robert Pederson has joined us as Food Policy Coordinator, to, in particular, really sharpen our focus on TTIP.

And don’t forget, we’ll all over social media! See our twitter and facebook pages.

Oliver Moore –
Communications Manager

Survey Results about our website

From the survey, it seems you like the range of topics and functions we have. Interestingly for us, many of you like using use all parts of the site – including newsticker archivepress release archive, and events listings. Watch journalism  – that’s making a special effort to get into detail on set areas – emerged, from a qualitative reading of the data, as especially interesting to a significant number of you. We’ll be taking these and other learnings from the survey and applying them to in the weeks and months ahead. (If you want to add your thoughts to the survey, add them here . the survey will close 7th June 2014.

We are fed up with mega stalls!
More than 1,000 noisy, colourful people at “We are fed up” demonstration in Hassleben, Germany, expressed their rightous indignation about factory farming. They consider the proposed mega stall be a new, negative development for the German agri-food industry. The protesters were asking the state government to put the approval for the mega stall to the test, as they claimed the technical conditions of the permission have not been adequately met. Many animal rights and environmental activists joined the demonstration from the around 80 kilometers away Berlin, among them members of the the ARC2020 team. Read our article here.

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Don’t forget we have a regularly updated news ticker. This links to the most relevant information on food, farming, rural Europe and the environment, from other websites. It also contains a growing archive of five years of such news, making it great resource base of top quality apt news websites. You can find it rolling along in the upper centre of the homepage  of Arc2020.euwebsite. The newsticker achive is also a great way for you to find information or to catch up on relevant subjects, containing as it does five years of news. Have a wander, and prepare to get lost in an abundance of the kind of news you like…

Upcoming Events and Policy Dates

August 25 The Future is Food Taste Council, Wicklow, Ireland

September 18 -21,European Rural Sustainability Gathering, Beaufortain, France

October 27 – 28, The Role of Foundations in Supporting Family/Smallholder Farming, Brussels, Belgium

Find all events listed on ARC2020 here.

Featured Event 
The 8th European Organic Congress
Member states and regions will launch the Rural Development Programmes of the new CAP in 2015. What will the impact on farmers and rural communities throughout Europe be? The new rural development regulation offers the potential for greater recognition for organic farming, yet the sector faces the prospect of considerable regulatory changes in the coming years. How can the new organic regulation help make Europe more organic and drive innovation for sustainable food production?


Share your view and learn about experiences from all over Europe and beyond at the 8th European Organic Congress – register here.

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