IHECS students help bring across the ARC message

Last week, a class of IHECS (Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales) 1st year master students in public relations started with a project to develop an information leaflet for ARC. This exercise is part of the students’ curriculum in the course ‘Public and Political Communication’.

The students will face the challenge of designing a leaflet which helps communicate clearly and concisely the ARC vision and ideas to the general public. Jean Lemaitre, lecturer of the class, will evaluate the students’ work in collaboration with ARC members and the 5 best projects will be posted on our website.

The students will have the demanding task to translate the expert terminology of the ARC Communication into an easily understandable format with a catchy slogan and concise texts which can be translated in other EU languages.

The most appropriate leaflet will be used in the next ARC mass campaign and will be part of the dossier to be distributed at the next ARC Conference planned for July.