–The Issues


The European Union is now reviewing its Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) post 2013. This new Policy will be implemented for seven years. Within these seven years ARC foresees very important changes that will become the basis for the CAP until 2020. The European Commission has already started the legislative work with the European Parliament in tow.

Why should you care?

Academics have established that European-level regulations affect about 70% of national legislation. Furthermore the Common Agriculture Policy is the main European budget post.

The CAP sets the direction of the European Agriculture ship for the next 7 years. If you work in agriculture it will affect your sales, your costs, your subsidies and most definitely the way you work.

And even if you do not work in agriculture, we all need to feed, to drink. Every citizen eats bread or cereals for breakfast, drink milk and juice. We all depend on agriculture for our Sunday barbecue and our veggie day.

Rules and regulations thought up by the European policy-makers will, one way or the other, reflect on your daily life and your monthly wage.

With the help of the ARC Network, we are going to highlight the main issues of European agriculture and rural areas:

  • The EU Decision-Making Process
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Europe’s Rural Areas
  • CAP and the Environment
  • Public Health and Agriculture
  • Global Partnership: Fair Trade and Food Security