Amsterdam’s Slow Food Youth Film Festival

Food Film Festival Amsterdam May 9-11 2014.

If you are in, or would like to visit Amsterdam anytime soon, then The Slow Food Youth Film Festival May 9-11 would be a great time. The Food Film Festival was established by the Youth Food Movement. The Youth Food Movement is a network of students, young consumers and food professionals, including farmers, gardeners, chefs and producers, who work together to bring about change in food production and consumption.It is a part of the Slow Food Youth Network, the Dutch arm of which was founded in July 2009. The network is based on the principles of Slow Food: young people who are committed to good, clean and fair food.

The festival will have great films, but also lots of food, workshops and events too. There are feisty fish debates, battling biodiversity talk-offs and plenty of places where food culture and culture meet. There are lots of dedicated English language events, more info on which can be found here.

Renee Hendrickx from the Film Festival spoke with Arc2020 and gave us the following recommendations:

ARC2020’s special food film recommendations:

Raw Herring (opening film), No Land No Food No Life, My Name is Salt, Peru Sabe Salmon Confidential.

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