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–Wietze Action Camp

29.08.2013 – 01.09.2013 International Action Camp in Wietze: Farms instead of factories! BACKGROUND: Wietze in Lower Saxony is home to Europe’s largest chicken slaughter house. Subsidised with €6.5 million of taxpayers’ money, it aims to kill 430,000 chickens daily. It is a symbol of the kind of industrial farming that is destroying fair, green and local food and farming.This summer, the team at ‘Wir haben es satt’ are organising a large demonstration outside the factory. Taking place on 31 August, this will be their first demonstration to be held in temperatures above 0°C – hoorah! Find out who else is behind the event here. THE PROGRAMME: Either side of the demonstration, an international action camp is being organised to allow people to build pan-European networks, hold workshops and much much more. Once again Wam Kat and his Flaming Kitchen will be serving up good food for everyone!   Thursday 29.08.2013 From 17:00 Arrival and evening panel discussion Friday 30.08.2013 Daytime: DAY OF WORKSHOPS: Full programme PDF Evening: Cooking, eating, dancing and networking with the legendary DJ Spoutnik […]