Seeds of Europe: Giving a voice to small producers

Seeds4All is pleased to contribute to the organisation of a public event in the European Parliament on the upcoming seed law reform. As well as a screening of the documentary “Seeds of Europe”, a panel discussion will tackle the issues of producing and marketing seeds in the EU. Sharing voices from the field, Seeds4All is working with projects partners to win political attention and support for the transition to seed-growing practices that promote ecology, short supply chains and the pleasure of eating! The event will be livestreamed, but those lucky enough to be present in person will enjoy a tasting of traditional Geuze beer produced by the 3 Fonteinen Brewerij from ancient varieties of cereals grown in Belgium, as well as a tasting of artisanal bread from the bakers of the Belgian network Au Coeur du Pain. Programme 19:00: Opening words by MEPs Tilly Metz and Martin Haüsling. 19:05: Screening of the documentary “Seeds of Europe” directed by Lennard Kleinschmidt and Lotta Schwenkert, spotlighting the work and legal demands of artisan seeds producers from Ireland, […]

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Adapting Agricultural Practices to Climate Change – Seeds, Beans and Lessons from the Ground Up

On July 5th 2023, the European Commission tabled its proposal for revised seed marketing legislation. Exploring institutional shortcomings to prioritise and safeguard agrobiodiversity in a changing climate, Seeds4All project co-ordinator Adèle Pautrat and policy analyst Mathieu Willard zoom into the case of white bean production in southern France, before presenting broader issues that the future seed law should address. […]

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EU Seed Law Reform and New Genetic Engineering – Double Attack on our Seeds

July 5 2023, ARCHE NOAH today released a statement in response to the EU Commission’s proposals for revised seed marketing legislation and the deregulation of “new genomic techniques”. Seeds4All
supports the statement, which raises the alarm about the threat these proposals present to the future of genetic diversity in Europe and calls on agriculture ministers and MEPs to protect farmers, consumers and biodiversity. […]