Tenant farmers must be vigilant

The Tenant Farmers’ Association is urging tenant farmers to be vigilant over future changes in tenancy agreements to ensure that rights to payment entitlements under CAP reform are managed fairly.

Since we only have draft CAP reform proposals at the moment, it is essential that tenants take advice before signing any new tenancy agreements or tenancy clauses,” TFA adviser Katy Blagg told ARC.

They need to ensure that they do not sign up to more than they anticipated and, in particular, do not compromise their right to claim new payment entitlements when the new CAP comes into force.” The TFA would also welcome a stronger link between 2011 and 2014 entitlements, to avoid landowners land banking, as well as a clearer definition of an active farmer.

The main TFA website is at http://www.tfa.org.uk.

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