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The life of a stockman and the animals he cares for is a closed world most of the time. But The Moo-Man gives a rare glimpse of how closely man and cow can be. It builds up a sympathetic but not a sentimental picture of life on the edge of the Pevensey Levels over about four years.

Here, award-winning organic farmers Steve and Phil Hook farm 180 acres in Sussex, supplying raw milk to local villages at the beginning of the week and selling it in London’s Borough Market at the end of the week. It lives up to the description “emotional rollercoaster” and does not turn away from the blood, sweat and tears that punctuate life on the farm.

The Hooks started selling directly to stay in business, rather than see their production disappear on a milk lorry. Visit the website to find out how to buy their organic raw milk and other dairy products.

The Moo Man trailer from Trufflepig Films on Vimeo.


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The Moo Man trailer from Trufflepig Films on Vimeo.

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