We’re Hiring! Call for CAP Policy Analyst and Animator for 2022

ARC2020 – The Agricultural and Rural Convention has worked on the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) since 2010. Run by a small team and guided by an international group of board members, ARC carries out research, publishes regular content and organises debates and events on key CAP-related issues. ARC is now looking for a part-time position to support the CAP Strategic Plan project in two related areas: analysing and developing content on the CAP Strategic Plans; organising NGO and institutional networking around the national strategic plans implementing the next CAP post 2022.

Job description

1. Conducting policy analysis related to CAP legislations (Strategic Plans, CMO, Horizontal Regulation)

This involves

  • Developing specific policy analysis questions to be answered methodically in short articles. Findings can be based on the screening of policy documents, national or regional proposals and legislations, data, informal networks. 
  • Writing articles which are both rigorous and accessible. 
  • Oversighting correspondents who can carry out and write in-depth research for the CAP Strategic Plan project, especially on topics about the CAP beyond the EU.

2. Animate a European network of national member organisations working on CAP Strategic Plans

This involves

  • Strengthening connections with the organisations that we already have worked with at the national, European and international level. This includes national member organisations and platforms as well as coalitions like the Good Food Good Farming Campaign and the EU Food Policy Coalition. 
  • Understand the progresses and issues at national or regional level about the future CAP Strategic Plans and adapt the work based on the national platforms. 
  • Broadening that network by reaching out to national member organisations involved in Strategic Plan formulation in other European countries.
  • Hosting regular meetings (online) to exchange on what is happening at Member State level (e.g. how are national member organisations included in this process, what are the key moments and topics of intervention, what campaigns are planned, how can these organisations support each other, how can we as a ‘coalition of coalitions’ at the European level put pressure on Member States for ambitious Strategic Plans) Attending events of relevance in Brussels, grassroots, NGO and also at the policy level. 
  • Watching and summarising live streams of important meetings, such as AGRI-FISH (Council of Agri-Minister) meetings.
  • Regular coverage of this process in the form of articles and reports for the website.

3. Funding

  • Leading annual reporting to funders and others where applicable.
  • Helping diversify funding streams.

4. Other

  • Helping organise other events, or carry out other related communications tasks, if called upon by other staff or board members.

In summary, the ARC2020 CAP Policy Analyst and Animator would be a ‘bridger’ to connect our online work with what’s happening on-the-ground. This person would do outreach, networking and fundraising but also be an ambassador, a physical presence at events, regularly connecting and expanding ARC’s work. 

Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • In-depth knowledge about the CAP legislations 2014-2020 and post 2022, namely the CAP Strategic Plans, Horizontal Regulation, Common Market Organisation. 
  • Understanding of the national and regional delivery model and processes to draw the CAP Strategic Plans. 
  • Excellent organisational and problem-solving skills, meeting strict deadlines, attention to detail and coordination with international project partners.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, self-organised, self-motivated, result-focused, diplomatic, team player. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English; proficiency in French, German and/or one other European language are a plus.
  • Post-graduate degree, preferably in agronomic, social/political sciences, or international relations.
  • Significant knowledge of EU agri-food policy.
  • Strong, demonstrable commitment to the ARC’s vision.

What we offer

  • One year part-time contract with the potential for renewal, subject to funding. 
  • Flexible work, from remote/home or Brussels based office.

Application process

Please send your updated CV, max one page motivation letter in English, and a relevant sample of work (examples of articles, reports, etc.) up until C.O.B.  5th January 2022 to matteo.metta@arc2020.eu

Interviews will take place at ARC office Brussels or via video conference early-mid January.

Starting date: no later than 1st February, earlier if possible.

Agricultural and Rural Convention 2020 (ARC2020)
38, Rue Saint-Sabin. 75011 Paris. France.