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–ARC Multimedia

Find photos of all our actions on our Flickr account Videos from the early days Video: Action in Strasbourg ahead of CAP vote All the CAP SNAP images  Footage from the Good Food March 2012 Photos of the German route for the Good Food March  

Recent updates

–The ARC2020 Communication

After several rounds of consultation within the ARC network, the ARC members and supporters along with observers finalised their Communication of Civil Society to the European Institutions on the future Agricultural and Rural Policy on 5 November 2010. Read the Communication in up to 10 languages. […]

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–Statement of Principles

ARC Statement of Principles offered to the Conference of the European Commission on 19-20 July 2010 Introduction.    ARC – the Agricultural and Rural Convention – is a forum which enables citizens and civil society organisations (CSOs) to support and deepen the debate which was launched by Commissioner Ciolos.    At this Conference, we offer emerging principles which are shared by many CSOs.   We will continue the debate, focused on the website,  and in the autumn we will offer to the Commission and other European institutions a Communication from Civil Society on the future of the Common Agricultural and Rural Development Policies. Imperatives. The emerging message from civil society is echoed in large measure in the public consultation undertaken by the Commission within the framework of CAP post 2013.   The message is that future policies, including those for agriculture and rural development, must address a series of uncomfortable challenges which have become substantially more apparent since the present policies were shaped in 2006.   These challenges, which may be expressed as imperatives, […]

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–The ARC process

The Agricultural and Rural Convention 2020 (ARC) is a network open to all those interested in the future of the CAP.
The ARC brought innovative ideas together in a creative and transparent process in order to reach as wide a consensus as possible within Civil Society. This consensus is expressed in its Communication to EU Institution on the reform of the CAP. […]