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Call for Action

Call for Action: A communication of European Citizens to the European Institutions on the Future of Agriculture and Rural Regions Food for all is essential – the status quo is not an option Many people in Europe seem to take sufficient and good food and a living countryside for granted. Some see agriculture as mere background for more important things in life. Others believe that farmers are the main problem in nature protection. But enough wholesome food for all and a good stewardship of nature is currently not at all guaranteed. Over a billion people go hungry. Soils are losing fertility, water resources are being depleted, and biodiversity is being lost around the globe. Climate change will further undermine efforts to feed a growing world population. It is not enough to blame others. Europe shares an essential part of responsibility for making deep change possible. European rural regions and their communities have a great potential to make it happen. We need to support farmers in making sustainable food production the rule, not the exception. We […]