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Tweets of the Week – 15/2020

Our weekly Twitter round up of great content from our kindred network: a Friday treat for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy what we’ve found for you on twitter. The Moment for Food Sovereignty is Now via @CivilEats — Ralph Nader (@RalphNader) April 2, 2020 The recent coronavirus outbreak has put an enormous strain on the EU whole agri-food sector. However, farmers have been rapidly innovating to create novel means of selling their produce to keep themselves afloat. — EURACTIV Agri & Food (@eaAgriFood) April 2, 2020 Many people are rightly more aware of stresses, strains and fragility in global & national food systems. Those tensions now being exacerbated by coronavirus. This week's @bbcworldservice TheRealStory is 50 mins where 7 people (me included) offer overview: — Professor Tim Lang (@ProfTimLang) April 3, 2020 Lesson for the future from the current crisis-not only a grocery should be close but also a field where food grows and the farmer who works there. Shorter distribution from field to table, direct sales, development of local agricultural markets-this must […]

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Winning the Battle with the Agri-Giant Next Door

Czech organic farmer Libor Kožnar has won his yearlong battle with Agrofert, the agribusiness empire operating next to his small holding. He lost the organic certification for his wheat due to fertiliser drift from an Agrofert sprayer. Agrofert is a multimillion euro conglomerate with ties to the Czech prime minister, currently under investigation in a conflict of interest case by the European Commission. […]

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For the Sake of Nature and the Climate, Europe must not CAP its Ambitions

The European Commission continues to describe the Common Agricultural Policy as “ambitious”, yet its own evaluation of the CAP’s impact reveals that the farm subsidy scheme is inflicting massive damage on Europe’s biodiversity, water resources and nature. In this in-depth feature, Célia Nyssens of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) explains why the CAP is not fit for purpose and outlines how it can be reformed. […]

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Effects of Coronavirus on Agricultural Production – a First Approximation (part 2)

Agricultural production is on track for this year, and the EU is self-sufficient in most areas. Despite the challenges of the coronavirus crisis we have little reason to worry about food supply in the EU. This was Sebastian Lakner’s tentative conclusion in part 1 of his review of the available data. But his findings come with some major caveats. Trade in commodities must continue to flow to guarantee food supply in the context of the EU’s interconnected agribusiness model. Here in part 2 Sebastian Lakner examines another critical factor: labour and seasonal migrant workers. […]

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Effects of Coronavirus on Agricultural Production – a First Approximation

As public life shuts down around Europe and health systems buckle under the strain of the Covid-19 pandemic, concerns over food supply are the latest scare to make headlines. In recent weeks speculation is rife as to the potential impacts on agricultural production. In part 1 of this series, Sebastian Lakner crunches the numbers to identify the real risks to Europe’s food supply. […]

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UK | Coronavirus Diary: the Virus That Did a No-Deal Brexit on our Food Supply

It seems inconceivable that it was only a year ago when the UK was due to crash out of the EU under a no deal Brexit. Thankfully that crisis was averted. Leading up to that momentous non-event, I wrote about what might happen to our food supply in the event that our smooth trading relationship with the EU broke down utterly. One year on, we find ourselves in a remarkably similar position […]

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Tweets of the Week – 14/2020

Our weekly Twitter round up of great content from our kindred network: a Friday treat for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy what we’ve found for you on twitter. Timely paper written before COVID-19 outbreak reviews links between global food production and emerging human infectious diseases, Increasing risk of pathogen spillover as food production expands requires proactive management, inc biodiversity conservation — Alan Matthews (@xAlan_Matthews) March 29, 2020 Agricultural workers are critical in the fight against #coronavirus 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 We published new practical guidelines to ensure that they can move within the EU to reach their workplace: — EU Agriculture🌱 (@EUAgri) March 30, 2020 „We urge all G20 members 2 work twds commitments 2 remove restrictive measures on imports + set moratorium on new unilat. tariffs; 2 eliminate all tariffs on COVID-19 related products; to encourage manufacturers to increase capacity for producing equipment to fight COVID19“ — Sabine Weyand (@WeyandSabine) March 30, 2020 'The planting and picking season starts now and we need a solution for this' — AgriLand (@AgrilandIreland) March 30, […]

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Framing Farming – Nationalism, Food Security and Food Sovereignty

As the Covid-19 outbreak hits the economy, we may experience a paradigm shift that no one expected. Now is the time to unpack the difference between food security and food sovereignty. And better understand how these terms are used by different groups. Igor Tomasz Olech looks at how these concepts are framed in the EU, and how Poland is ripe for a conversation about food sovereignty. […]