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Bugs from a Jug – Gene Edited Plants are Not the Only Things to Worry About

As many Europeans protest against new GMOs proposal by the European Commission another area of concern has emerged – soil microbes. It turns out that in the US, the agrochemical industry, without much fanfare, has already introduced commercial products containing new GMO microbes, with many more in the pipeline. So what are the concerns?  Marianne Landzettel reports on a new report form Friends of the Earth US.  […]

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EU-Australia Trade Deal Goes Down Under in Osaka – Why?

After years working towards clinching a free trade deal between Australia and the EU, talks went ‘down under’ on Sunday (29 October) in Osaka after the two sides beefed over market access for agricultural products. So what happened –  what’s the beef between these two?  – and what does the UK have to do with the dramatic turn of events?  Natasha Foote reports […]

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A Sustainable Food System Law Paving the Way for an Ambitious CAP Reform

As has become very familiar in recent months, another opportunity to better integrate CAP and the pledges of the European Green Deal is being missed. Instead of watering down the ambition, this time the mainstream political establishment simply postponed or abandoned DG SANTE’s law proposal for a European Framework for Sustainable Food Systems. Yet, there are many ways the CAP or the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas could accompany and bridge with the upcoming SFS. […]

Rural Resilience

A l’assaut des questions sociales, pour une alimentation locale, saine et accessible à tous

Malgré le retrait de la Sustainable Food System Law de l’agenda européen, cet automne, notre récolte des moments conviviaux et fédérateurs sur le thème de l’alimentation durable fut féconde. Compte-rendu d’un trio d’évènements auxquels le projet « Rural Resilience » a participé. Rédaction : Marie-Lise Breure-Montagne. […]