3 million tons of apples

With an estimated volume of 3 million tons, the Polish apple harvest is expected to increase by 10% from last year. This is despite the destruction of many orchards by hail in spring and the drought in summer.

This  growth could be attributed to investment in the industry. Jan Nowakowski from Genesis Fresh outlines the changes in the apple business in Poland highlighting the improvement in storage facilities in Poland within the last 10 years. The technology is bought from professional equipment companies from Italy, France, or the Netherlands. These storage facilities have modern, state-of-the-art facilities, machines and equipment.

The market has also grown “There is growth in popular varieties like Gala, Golden Delicious and Champion. There are varieties which have better coloured skin, which find their way much easier onto customers’ tables.” For Polish apples the main market still is Russia and Eastern Europe countries. They export also to the UK, France, Germany, and other Western European markets.  60% of the export volume however still goes to Russian market.