The future of food and farming is in your hands!

A chance to influence European legislation is at your fingertips

2012 is a crucial year for the reform of the CAP. It is also a historic one. For the first time in its 50 year story, a joint decision on the direction of the policy for the next 7 years must be made by the Council and the Parliament. Never before have EU citizens had a bigger say in shaping the future of farming, food and rural development.

This opportunity for greater democracy can only be realised if we actively hold our politicians to account and make our demands heard. Throughout 2012 there will be a number of key moments where these demands are more likely to be listened to. This is one of them!

On May 21st, less than 3 weeks time, the committees of the European Parliament will finalise their first draft reactions to the EU Commission’s proposals for a CAP reform. These draft reports will be the starting points of the debate and will frame the Parliaments approach.

We can still influence what gets into these reports, but we must be quick!

 Here are two things you can do:

  •  Sign a petition launched by our friends the Slow Food Youth Network
  •  Contact your regional Member of the European Parliament and let them know your demands for reform and ask them for their opinion and position as citzen’s representatives and request them not to leave this to the so called agri-experts of their political parties

Today, ARC2020 has released an alternative reaction to the Commission’s proposals which outlines what the future CAP should look like. It calls for a radical overhaul of the current policy to ensure a truly fair, ecological and sustainable future for citizens and farmers in Europe and worldwide. Organisations and individuals are warmly invited to use this latest paper when writing to MEPs. Let’s start the real reform today!

Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food, a member of ARC2020 says:

 “The reform of the CAP is under way. It is a crucial moment for the future of Europe. By enacting strategies that promote the return of young people to the land, shortening the food supply chain and bringing consumers and producers closer together, we can change our economy for better…

…we must come together to raise awareness of the CAP, as it will determine the future of our food. We are all citizens and the interest of producers are the same as those of consumers. Citizens of each country or European region must become active parts of local politics, because a lot depends on single Member States.”

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