–ARC2020: New Toolkit on CAP Reform and Rural Development

ARC2020 PRESS RELEASE 25.09.2013

For immediate release

Vital new Toolkit from ARC2020 on CAP reform and Rural Development

A vital and timely new Toolkit on the Common Agriculture Policy and Rural Development in the EU has been released by the ARC2020 team.

With political agreement on remaining CAP issues reached between the European Parliament, the EU Council of Ministers and the European Commission Tuesday evening, before further urgent discussions and votes in the Parliament and Council, the timing could not be more apt for the release of thisToolkit.

This working document will prove invaluable for organisations and citizens making the case for good food, good farming and better rural policies in Europe.

The big issues in the CAP reform process have been examined in detail by ARC2020’s expert team and partners. From this work has come the Toolkit, the first version of which contains all of the latest CAP related developments, as well as specific proposals for how stakeholders can improve this CAP reform during the implementation stage up to mid-2014.

This toolkit, which can be found of ARC2020’s website here, explains the CAP’s “when, what and how can we make it better?”

Importantly, the ARC2020 team has uncovered huge opportunities for civil society and organisations to work together: this Toolkit reveals what these are.

Despite the basic CAP agreement on June 26th, there is still much to fight for in the remaining negotiations. Crucial decisions have been left at the regional and national level, so there is much that can be achieved in individual countries. Financial support for, transfers between, the CAP Pillars 1 and 2 is a key issue.

“At ARC2020, we feel it is really important to help our partners, supporters and all those concerned about the future state of the environment and farming in Europe. This toolkit, which will be updated monthly with national case studies, will act as a practical guide and reference point on all the details and big EU food and farming policy decisions coming in the weeks and months ahead” Samuel Feret, ARC2020 coordinator said.

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Notes to the editor:

Pillar 1 of the Common Agriculture Policy – CAP – supports direct payments and market measures; Pillar 2 supports agri-environmental schemes, rural development and other similar measures.

ARC2020 is a network of 150+ civil society, agri-food and environmental organisations working together for good food, good farming and better EU policy.

The toolkit explains and offers recommendations on Pillar 1 issues such as:

·  Redistribution, payments to individuals and payment rates across the EU

·  Greening

·  Permanent pasture

·  Ecological focus areas

·  Coupled payments

For Pillar 2 the key measures for fairer, greener, local and smarter rural development programmes are outlined. Important recommendations have been made on issues such as:Increased support rates

·  Agri-environmental climate measures

·  What’s better now about the organic farming scheme

·  Quality schemes

·  Bottom up rural development

·  Improved advisory services

·  Exciting opportunities for farmers, NGOS and civil society to work together

·  How NGOS and others can use knowledge and innovation measures to benefit rural Europe and the environment