Rural Resilience

Pollinisation croisée des idées du Portugal : Nos Campagnes en Résilience à Plessé

“Certaines des expériences partagées lors de cette rencontre sont tellement intéressantes et innovantes qu’elles méritent d’être reproduites au Portugal.” Ana Fonseca, de la communauté agroécologique Montado do Freixo do Meio au Portugal a rejoint le groupe et partage ses impressions sur la philosophie et la production alimentaire de l’événement sur la résilience rurale. […]

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Cross-Pollinating Resilience From Portugal: Nos Campagnes en Resilience in Plessé

“Some of the experiences that were shared during this meeting are so interesting and innovative that they deserve to be replicated in Portugal.” Ana Fonseca, from the agro-ecological community Montado do Freixo do Meio in Portugal joined the cohort and shares her impressions on the philosophy and food production of the Rural Resilience event. […]

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Letter From The Farm | Instead Of Noise, Symphony

We’re back on the Montado do Freixo do Meio in Portugal, where exciting plans are afoot to have the community farm recognised as a Private Protected Area. Farmer and owner Alfredo Cunhal Sendim, a member of the Freixo do Meio Users Cooperative, explains their vision of a strong and organised community to safeguard the natural system, and how this ties into the cooperative’s broader visions of agroecology, permaculture and food sovereignty. […]