Baltic tractor on route to Brussels

Farmers’ groups from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are sending an “old and tired” tractor to Brussels in a continuing protest against the inequality of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Source: Flickr

“Only a strong, just and sufficiently funded joint EU agricultural policy can ensure an affordable, quality and local food source for our people,” said Roomet Sõrmus, the head of the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce, in a press release. “Today’s unequal subsidies hinder Estonian agriculture from achieving its potential,” he added.

The MTZ-80 tractor was sent on its way from Tallinn’s Freedom Square on November 12, passing through Latvia and Lithuania. It’s scheduled to reach Brussels on November 22, in time for the European Council summit, where the 2014-2020 budget program will top the agenda. Last week, the Estonian president said the country must be prepared to take legal action against the EU in order to bring equality to CAP, whilst the junior coalition party chairman recently called for blocking the EU budget.

Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting