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Tweets of the Week – 49/2021

Our weekly Twitter round up of great content from our kindred network: a Friday treat for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy what we’ve found for you on twitter. The great @jasonhickel smashes it out of the park with this visionary, yet hugely practical article. What if we actually acted as if this were a #ClimateEmergency? Bold and brilliant. — robintransition (@robintransition) December 4, 2021 Jacobin has put out some bad ecological analysis, but publishing Ted Nordhaus to defend industrial agriculture is a new low. With the mag doubling down on anti-scientific technofetishism, it's probably getting to a point of doing more harm than good — Samuel Miller McDonald (@sjmmcd) December 4, 2021 Agroecology benefits: 🌱 our soil👩‍🌾 our farmers🛒 our consumption💶 our economy EU-funded research projects on #agroecology (in 22 languages) 👇 #WorldSoilDay — EU Agriculture🌱 (@EUAgri) December 4, 2021 another attempt to shut down people who don’t own land. Unfortunately agriculture affects everybody and almost 1/3 of the entire EU budget is spent on it. So the debate around it should be widened […]