December Agriculture and Fisheries Council

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On the 15th and 16th December, the 3137th session of the Council of the European Union – Agriculture and Fisheries will take place in Brussels, under the presidency of Mr Marek SAWICKI, Minister for Rural Development of Poland.

The meeting will include an exchange of views on rural development within the CAP reform package.

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Video Coverage


On 15 th December, from 15.00 coverage will be available here 

The press conference is scheduled for 17.30



Background Information

According to the Council, the Presidency would like the debate to be structured around the two following themes:

o CAP Pillar II actions to address new challenges

o Instruments proposed under rural development and their definition

The proposal on rural development is part of the CAP reform package which was presented by the Commission during the Agriculture Council in October. Together with the proposals on direct payments, on single common market organisation and on the financing of the CAP, the regulation on rural development is one of the four main proposals which have to be co-decided by ordinary legislative procedure (OLP) between the Council and the European Parliament.

The Council already held a policy debate on direct payments at last Agriculture Council in November and will hold one more policy debate on Single CMO regulation in January 2012.

During lunch, ministers will have a discussion on risk management and innovation in the framework of the CAP reform.