Featured Campaign Action: Save Kishantos!

Kishantos Rural Development Centre - photo by Zoltan Molnar

Save Kishantos!

The Kishantos Rural Development Centre in Hungary is a unique organic farm and education centre: here sustainable agriculture, ecological farming and education have been serving society as a whole. Founded by locals in 1998 this grassroots initiative was awarded a land lease valid until October 2013. Rather than renewing it, the Hungarian Land Fund (representing the State as the owner)  issued an open call tender for the rent of the lands in ten lots. If this decision is not annulled it means that the Kishantos non-profit Organisation will lose all the land as of 1 November 2013.

The Kishantos Rural Development Centre has issued an urgent petition to press Hungary’s decision makers to revoke the decision taken by the Land Fund and to guarantee that the Kishantos Rural Development Centre can continue its outstanding work during the coming years. Access http://lmv.hu/Save_Kishantos to send your letter to Save Kishantos!