India alert: Key land reform to help millions of landless

Last October the Indian people’s movement, Jan Satyagraha (Sanskrit meaning “peaceful soul force”), secured far-reaching promises from the Indian government for a desperately needed land reform to help the poor and marginalized; but only after 50,000 people had marched towards New Delhi. They now stand on the cusp of making those promises come to life.

They could mean the difference between life and death for millions of people. If the promises are delivered, landless people will be able to get 1/10 hectare – that’s about the size of a tennis court – that they will be able to use to support themselves. It will also give fresh life to long neglected legislation that should be protecting the rights of poor and marginalized communities.

The Government is on a deadline to deliver today; six months to the day from the original agreement. If they do not deliver a strong action plan at this meeting, the Jan Satygraha will march again.

This is where you come in:

We need to express a global sign of solidarity to show the Indian government that the world is watching them. They must up hold their promises because countless lives depend on it. Show your support today! Join the ‘virtual Satygraha’ calling on the Indian Government to adopt these crucial reforms at support will also be delivered to the people of the Jan Satygraha, so they know you are standing with them.

Together we have the power to make new rules and ensure that the Indian government delivers on its promises.