Just published – Eurobarometer survey on the CAP

Key findings

  • Almost half of all EU citizens (47%) support an upper limit on subsidies.
  • More people back a link between payments and environmental protection all across the EU than support environmental protection that relates to specific areas only.
  • The contribution that small farms make to the social life of rural areas, their importance to the rural economy, and their need to modernise are all seen as valid reasons for giving further assistance to small farms.
  • Nine out of ten people agree that buying local products is beneficial and that the EU should help to promote their availability. Almost half of all respondents say they find local products hard to identify.
  • 65% of respondents agree that there are benefits in buying mountain products. Fewer people (37%) agree that mountain products are easy to identify.
  • A clear majority of EU respondents (62%) believe that the names of the beneficiaries of CAP support and the amounts they receive should be publicly accessible.


Find a link to the surveys on the ARC website here