Seeds of Freedom

On May 28th, the international launch of the film Seeds of Freedom took place at the Garden Museum in central London.

The film explores the history of the corporate takeover of seed, and the impact that this has had on communities across the world. Alongside local farmers from Africa, the film features interviews with Dr Vandana Shiva, Caroline Lucas MP, Zac Goldsmith MP, Percy Schmeiser, Dr Melaku Worrede, Liz Hosken and Kumi Naidoo, with narration from Jeremy Irons. The film is co-produced by the African Biodiversity Network and The Gaia Foundation.

As the Gaia Foundation says: ‘This film is the first to highlight the extent to which the industrial agricultural system, and particularly genetically modified organisms (GMOs), have impacted upon biodiversity and the lives of farmers globally. This story must be told so that more people understand and challenge the aggressive food system in which so many of us unwittingly participate. It must be told in order to catalyse a global change, whilst there is still time, so that we are better able to protect and revive the indigenous seeds, small-scale farmers, biodiversity, and the health of the planet, upon which we depend.’

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