SNP backs Danish presidency proposals for agriculture

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Scottish MEP Alyn Smith has responded positively to the agricultural priorities put forward by the Danish EU presidency. “With a population of the same size as Scotland, and with a not too dissimilar geography too, Scotland has much to learn from Denmark and their experience at the European top table,” he told journalists.

“The political priorities for agriculture which have been outlined are good news for us. The Danes are seeking to prioritise animal welfare issues, put antimicrobial resistance on the agenda, and close the package on quality policy.”

The Scottish National Party spokesman is optimistic: “In terms of the ongoing negotiations on the CAP, it looks like we will see quite a green focus – from which Scotland has nothing to lose – and also a clear intention to keep the administrative burden of CAP as simple and as light as possible.”

He welcomed the fresh Danish organic food proposals to parliamentary debate, describing them as: “…good news for many of Scotland’s crofters in particular. I hope Scots producers won’t be shy in making their voices heard as this rolls forward.”

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