Spanish Government ignores organic production in CAP

The main associations of ecological agriculture and livestock in Spain – CAAE, FEPECO, INTERECO, SEAE and Vida Sana – have sent a co-signed letter to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Miguel Arias Cañete, expressing their concerns that the position of the government on Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) ignores the organic producers; despite Spain being a leader in organic production in Europe.

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The letter states that CAP must ensure the economic viability of organic operators and companies in the agricultural sector, enabling the future supply of high quality food through the use of sustainable resources. Organic production should therefore be one of the main points of the government’s position on CAP. The organic associations have described the current government position as ‘stagnant’. They believe this position (among others) has led to the current crisis in the food industry and the rural environment in Spain.

The main organisations that bring together producers, companies, technicians, environmental scientists and consumers have highlighted the role that this sector plays in society, and stressed that the use of public funds under the CAP should serve the public interest. The new CAP will be valued by the citizens in terms of the social benefits that will be obtained in return by the use of their money. The Spanish government is in a unique position to use this, thanks to the organic production in its territory, but also within Europe.

In addition, the associations have asked the Minister not to cut the budget that concerns the “greening” but maintain what the current Commission proposal suggests, i.e. 30% of the direct payments to go on greening measures, especially in this difficult economic situation.

The ecological associations welcome a meeting with the Minister to discuss all these issues.

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